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General Rainbow Bacon

Testament of Einstein (community project)

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So I've decided to start this thread dedicated to a community project of puzzle wads.  Puzzle wads that aren't merely switch hunts, but require actual logic to figure out.  

I would like a new texture pack for this wad made, they don't have to be new textures just a dedicated pack used for this project.  I don't have anything started yet because I literally just had the idea about 5 seconds ago.  Just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone was interested in making this with me.  I'm guessing that puzzles would be made better/more interesting in UDMF/Hexen/zdoom.  Vanilla/Limit-removing is fine if that's all you know how to use though.  Once I get something down I'll put it here and we can get started.  How do you do those tables with links to maps like in other community wads where everyone is in a list and the hyperlink is at the end to the map?  Let's talk about this more and make something more unusual than we usually do.


Here's the current texture pack i'm using to build maps:




and a test puzzle:






Switches don't always help

Switched marked 'red' are repeatable

Switches marked 'blue' are not 

order you pull the switches might matter...hint



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maybe this could include puzzles that vary each playthrough and/or put you under some kind of pressure (monsters attacking and you're unarmed maybe)?


A good example of this could be Ultimate Doomer's crystal maze wad maybe?

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What kind of textures are you thinking of?


I dont think a bunch of cc4tex stuff is gonna do it. I think the mappers are more than likely going to need textures specifically for their own maps, things like signs and color coding and stuff that effectively communicate clues to the player trying to solve the puzzle.

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Well, the textures can either be plain or the textures themselves be part of the puzzle.  Kind of like optical illusion textures.  That's what I was thinking.  Other than that, any textures are allowed.

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I could try my hand at making textures. I guess I'd just kinda throw them at Rainbow Bacon and hey, if they get rejected, that's fine.

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