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(WARNING) Only Playable on GZDoom, Made using GZDoom Doom 2 Format for UDMF


Please keep in mind that this is a BETA meaning that some things may change in the final version.


Hello everybody i've been making a WAD thats 2 Levels only, but here's the catch Instead of making 3 Levels (making it a 5 Levels Map) I decided to make 3 BIG Areas in just 1 Level So i decided to call it "MegaLevel"


The Main WAD will Contain 3 Areas, Mars, Hell and Earth 


This means that you can explore whatever area you want.


For now the only area available its Mars, Its more big than other Levels i've done in the past filled with content.


Only playable on Single Player for now... Im planning a COOP Mode for this.


BTW Mars is The Yellow Skull key one


Tell me what you think about the map


WAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xm886qyf12pjjd6/Worlds+BETA.zip










Made by Maisth (Aiden)


If you wanna help the Development of this WAD Email me at




Or comment down below, im all down for feedback.


Here's a Speedrun i did incase you wanna see it.



Edited by Maisth

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