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baja blast rd.

3 Heures d'agonie 3 demos [-complevel 2]

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Thanks :)


Map 31 uv-max in 3:50 (previous time was 9:30 by opulent)

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I improved my time again : 12:40 (Map 30)



Edited by Roofi

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I'm currently working on a d2all max run , I want to share my best attempt which sadly ended with a silly all-ghosts bug on map 30.





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1 hour ago, Roofi said:

I'm currently working on a d2all max run , I want to share my best attempt which sadly ended with a silly all-ghosts bug on map 30.



2.5 hours of goodness.  And that end is a shame.  Always a worry on a map with so many lines and things.

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2 minutes ago, Bloodite Krypto said:

Can an intercepts overflow still occur after you've disabled the option to try and emulate it?


I don't know , someone adviced me to disable the emulation. I think the all-ghost bug will not occur again.

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D2all uv-max in 2:31:47.


Damn the last levels were stressful but I did it , I will publish detail comments and the time of each level later.

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Time spent on each level here



Map 01   0:49  !  0:49
Map 02   1:38  !  2:27
Map 03   4:45  !  7:12
Map 04   2:48  ! 10:00
Map 05   2:00  ! 12:00
Map 06   2:49  ! 14:49
Map 07   5:20  ! 20:09
Map 08   1:43  ! 21:52
Map 09   3:10  ! 25:02
Map 10   4:07  ! 29:09
Map 11   1:40  ! 30:49
Map 12   3:37  ! 34:26
Map 13   3:07  ! 37:33
Map 14   2:07  ! 39:40
Map 15   5:26  ! 45:06   
Map 31   3:41  ! 48:47
Map 32  14:27  ! 1:03:14
Map 16   2:16  ! 1:05:30
Map 17   2:29  ! 1:07:59
Map 18   4:12  ! 1:12:11
Map 19   5:30  ! 1:17:41
Map 20   4:29  ! 1:22:10
Map 21   3:08  ! 1:25:18
Map 22   2:59  ! 1:28:17
Map 23   3:06  ! 1:31:23
Map 24   4:53  ! 1:36:16
Map 25   4:33  ! 1:40:49
Map 26   5:49  ! 1:46:38
Map 27   3:28  ! 1:50:06
Map 28   4:20  ! 1:54:26
Map 29  19:43  ! 2:14:09
Map 30  17:38  ! 2:31:47


Little comments for each map



Map 01 : Nothing really special , my goal was to make a time between 0:40 and 0:50.

Map 02 : Quite proud of that time even if I lost some time with the secret lift.

Map 03 : I don't like this map but I eventually had fun speedrunning it.

Map 04 : Nothing Special. I didn't manage to make the revenants and the mancubus infight.

Map 05 : It's a fun map for casual play but it annoys me to speedrun it mainly because I never manage to get a good time. Rdwpa's max show you can beat this map in approximately 1min. I often take 2min or a bit less.

Map 06 : Same. I don't like this map. You can gain or lose time if you decide to make the last monsters infight.

Map 07 : Argh! That map is horrible. However , I think 5:20 is a pretty good time. Grabbing the plasma gun and rushing to the yellow key was a really risky task. I'm happy this map figures among the first maps because it's one of the toughest maps of 3ha3 imo.

Map 08 : Fun and easy map on continuous play. I had to kill the hitscanners firts in order to not lose too much health.

Map 09 : As the previous map , it was fun and easy. Nothing really special to say.

Map 10 : Really cool map. Surprising easy for a wilou's map compared to Map 07. However , the YK trap's may be quite dreadful.

Map 11 : An another cool map which is an enjoyable moment of relaxation in a d2all max run.

Map 12 : Cool map where you just have to run and gun to finish it.

Map 13. Quite dangerous level with a really annoying exit.

Map 14 : Easy map but I had to take some risks to make a good time.

Map 15 : Cool map , except the part where you have to kill some arch-viles after collecting the blue key.

Map 31 : Dangerous map with a Dangerous cybie fight. However this map is easier than it looks with some strategy.

Map 32 : It's my favourite level of 3ha3 but I hate speedrunning it in a D2all. Beating this map under 10 mi nutes is impossibile without taking huge risks but I'm proud of my time anyway.

Map 16 : Very fun map with a very cheesable fight haha.

Map 17 : A very straightforward level. Nothing special to say. Good map.

Map 18 : One of the most dangerous maps of the second episode. My time is quite crappy.

Map 19 : More scary than hard. I hate the beginning but love the slaughter fight. Killing the last cybies maybe quite dangerous. I took a rocket in the face in my demo , ouch.

Map 20 : Nothing special to say here. Easy map but some monsters may take a lot of time to appear so that we could believe the map is broken. It didn't happen in my demo , so I didn't lose time.

Map 21 : Fun Ultimate Doom map.

Map 22 : Nothing special to say but items start to be quite scarce at this point.

Map 23 : Nothing special.

Map 24 : Tough map. Not a fan of this map , the trap involving pinkies in the chainsaw's room may be really deadly and the cyber fight's doesn't allow mistakes.

Map 25 : Easy map even if the level design proves to be quite sadistic. I thank Choww to put a secret with a blue armor and a soulsphere inside , really useful for the next level.

Map 26 : I Hate this map , especially the part where the cyber is located. Cell charges are quite scarce. The blue key's trap is hard if you don't use your PG or BFG. I almost died.

Map 27 : Surprising easy map compared to Map 26. Nothing to say. Picking the cell charges behind the cyber at the end is not as risky as you think. You can easily survive if you keep running. I always spare the soulsphere for that task.

Map 28 : Maybe the most dangerous map of the last episode because of the last fight involving two cybies and two viles. Fortunately , I found an odd strategy in order to not be stucked by the teleporting cyber.

Map 29 : More long than hard. As map 32 , you can't do a good time without taking huge risks. I'm satisfied of subbing 20 minutes.

Map 30 : My hands were trembling while finishing that map. The Scythe-like area (The Big stairs with 4 cybers on each tower) is the most difficult part in this level. I almost died in this map because I managed to kill all mandatory monsters just after wasting all the megaspheres.


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