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Hyper Competitive CTF

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After some human transmutation, I have awakened to the truth. Doom CTF in its current form has reach about as much of its potential as a mere infant, but I, with my knew enlightened mind, have decided to jumpstart its path to its true form.


It'll be a long journey still to reach a time where Doom CTF is a perfect game, but as I slowly pull it to that state, I decided I should share my creations with the world to allow them a preview of what is to come.


This isn't simple priv CTF. Even competitive CTF is too meager a name. This is ... Hyper Competitive CTF.




You may now weep.


Current Version: Beta 1


Maplist and credits:


CMPCTF01: Bridge to Eternity

Midi by Robert Hansson from VGMusic.


CMPCTF02: Spiral Mountains

Midi by Princess Peach Toadstool from VGMusic


Oh yeah and the maps are in UDMF so Zandronum only.

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Don't you have some unscrubby weapons to go with this


also rename map01 to jajaja xd ctf or "zd pub"

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This is:

  • SO

5 starts, good job and more please.

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