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my first map

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hello guys this is my first map download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o699trchajdvnq9/myfirs.zip?dl=0







you were the marine the baddest of the bad so the    colonel call you to him office:
   the colonel: very good marine, we have lots contact
 with are base in the planet awoeaw'awi, we believed
  that the demons have killed everyone on there, you
 must go there and kill them
 you: ok, i kick their ass

much latter...

you arrived at the base
 you: its quiet, too quiet...

 suddenly, the door lock behind you!
  "oh no, that is bad" you proclaimed!
 look like the only way out is through.......
  BTW if you where stuck on this map i include demo
 to helped you
bug:some area would overload sprite limit on vanilla HOM if you stand too close to window


comment rate etc





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20 minutes ago, xdarkmasterx said:

the colonel: very good marine, we have lots contact
 with are base in the planet awoeaw'awi, we believed
  that the demons have killed everyone on there, you
 must go there and kill them

Was this planet named by a baby?


Enticing story (perhaps unintentionally), so I'll give this a spin later. Including screenshots is always cool, although one of them being full redscreen is somewhat amusing. :) 

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That first screenshot leaves a lot to the imagination...

Why did the player die? Did he die from blasting a rocket into his own face? Did a Cyberdemon spawn in front of him? Is the player outside, or inside a building? Where the hell is he? ...at least my curiosity is piqued :)



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thanks for replys guys glad you liked story (but i didnt spend much time on this LOL)


any way what did you think of the level, i thought maybe it was too hard HMP but what do u think???

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On 5/29/2017 at 3:16 PM, Outrageous Videos said:

I have a strong feeling this is one of those levels with one room and 200000 cyberdemons stuck together based on that one screenshot 


It's legit.



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I've played the map. I found it to be pretty challenging (even on HMP), but not too difficult if you know where to go and if you can cause the right amount of infighting :)


The architecture is a bit abstract in some areas, but I actually liked how the map looked. Especially the starting area, where there are two Hell Knights attacking from a distance, I like how you're able to actually go there, which is something I always appreciate in Doom maps. The blue key trap though, that's where I died several times. And you sure threw a lot of Revenants in my face right from the beginning!


Not bad for a first map, although the monster placement could've been a bit more controlled and subtle in my opinion. Also the layout was decent but not too detailed. But certainly not an awful map ;)


Oh, and I managed to find 1 secret, and no yellow key... it seems you don't need the yellow key to end the level.

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Okay, I wish I'd known it was a slaughter WAD before I strolled in and got killed instantly. x3

Gameplay-wise, it's rather good - starts off with action, and provides wide spaces later on to accompany all of the madness.

Aesthetically, it's also pretty good for a first map - you really seem to like the scrolling texture action. I don't think it looks very good on things like normal wall lights, but for those "light steps", it's okay. Note that the scroll texture linedef action only scrolls the texture on one side of the line - the front side. This means that some of the steps in the starting rooms don't scroll, even though others with the same texture do.

I would recommend starting off mapping with something easier, but, what the heck, you beat this, so you probably know better than I do what to do.

I give it 7/10 for effort + attention to gameplay/detail + first map.

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thank you guy for replied i wasnt expectign this much replies


yes u dont need the yellow key but it lead to something very good can u find what it is? ;))


any way thank you for play and what did you think of the lower difficulty because i only playtest them once each (but more on ultraviolence), maybe it is too hard

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Shhieeeet :) I finally beat it after enermous number of deaths and quickloads... Since I'm really bad player I'll just drop my usual comment - give me more health! I think I found one secret supercharge - without I'll be even more screwed :)


Here's the video:


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