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Coop Survival LP for Future WADs?

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So as some may know, I record myself bitching about playing video games and put them up on Youtube. Anyway, I'm asscheeks at Doom and I feel like it's limiting me a lot on what I could play and can also get quite frustrating (see my struggles with Disjunction). I just recently stumbled upon a mod in Zandronum that allows for "Set Team Lives" where players pull from a set "bank" of lives when they die. For example, map starts with 10 lives. I die, we're down to 9. GarrettChan dies, we're down to 8, etc. and when the bank reaches zero, nobody else can respawn. I think this would be an awesome idea especially for WADs like Sunlust.


Would this be something that anyone else would be interested in? I could [hopefully] create the server and run it from here in the US (which from my experiences, ping should be OK in Europe, North America, and South America). Teamwork in Doom is tons of fun when you aren't playing with trolls. We could schedule something over Discord or something and pick set times to stream.  


This is just an idea :o 

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People seem much more likely to throw away lives when they are shared instead of their own lives, a mod like that is good for friendly groups of players but not for public coop. In mop they had to balance lives to the point where it's basically coop.

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I'd be super cautious to try it out in a public, but I think it'd work for a private server with people who actually know what they're doing. If you see the bank running shy, it'd be interesting to see the strategy involved in completing certain traps and such. 


I think it'd be nice for those slaughterwad servers so that way people don't RIP 3 times at the beginning and then have to restart. Maybe I'll see if there's a way to keep a counter somewhere on-screen in the process. 

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