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Alright guys, sorry for the total noob question. I've been googling for help for a while now, it's a kazillion degrees over here, and I'm done. Can you help me out?


So, I'm working on the Snack Sized mini mapset. I have 6 finished, separate WADs of maps, and a 7th, texture resource WAD (made with XWE, containing only resources, no actual map). In DB2, I added the resource wad file as a resource to each indivual map, worked like a charm.


Now all maps are done, I've made a new, final wad file, saved all separate WADs into that one. Works, but when playtesting the new textures are missing, eventhough the resource WAD is still added as a resource. AND, more importantly, how do I save the resource wad into the final wad, so I have one file with all maps and resources (noob mode: I can't open the resource waad in DB, because it has no map)?


All help, or links to comprehensive tutorials for tired guys like myself, would help. Thanks!

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You will need a tool like SLADE 3 to work with non-map resources. That is why DB2 won't open a wad with no maps.


You can keep your maps in one wad and your resources in another wad, and have the player run both simultaneously. However, depending on the source port you require the player to use, you may need to do some additional work in your resource wad. For example, if you're creating your mod for vanilla/chocolate DooM, you will need to have the textures, flats, and sprites inserted into appropriate markers within the wad. For textures, you'll also need to have a PNAMES and TEXTUREx "lump".


If you're building for a source port such as GZDooM, you can put your maps and resources into a pk3 file. Otherwise, you'll need to distribute your mod as a wad (in a zip file if you want to upload to idgames).

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On 26.5.2017 at 4:05 PM, VeinCrawler said:

when playtesting the new textures are missing

When do you get the texture error? Does it happen when testlaunching the levels from (GZ)DB or when running the wads with the port? Depending on your sourceport (like ZDooms) can you see from the gameplay that the textures are gone? Thinking of scenarios:


1) Check out the command line with paths is valid. (I've messed up with this many times)

DOOMPORT.exe -file [n:\somefolder5\]MYWAD-1.wad [n:\somefolder3\]MYWAD_2.wad

2) Make sure you have no format conflicts: Vanilla/PrBoom targeted maps with a ZDoom/pk3 texture wad should run fine with ZDoom-based ports but might end up troubles with other ports. Just what type of maps have you created (Doom, Doom/Hexen, Doom-udmf) and what ports are you using with them?


3) If the tex-wad ran nice earlier, try check out if it still plays fine with some old versions of your single maps? Or create an new test wad with just a few plain square rooms having new textures? Can you still see the new textures in (GZ)DB?


If you can use XWE it has itself a handy merging tool: Open one of the wads and use Merge to select all the other wads to be joined with it. After that select Clean up and you're done.


For Slade:


(I like WinTex 3-series frontend by myself ;-)


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Thanks guys! Merging things in XWE did the trick. I was already using that tool to add new textures. I installed Slade just to check everything, seemed fine, so all works. Gonna release the beta today :)

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