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The Official Eternity Helpline (Discord, IRC)

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So you wanted some help with Eternity, be it mapping, modding, or even altering the code. You looked at the wiki but it didn't have exactly what you wanted, and you didn't feel like posting to the forums.


Well there's a couple places just for situations like that, or if you want some help regardless, for when you'd rather have a live chat:

  • #noteternityenginerelated on the OFTC IRC network: Webchat, IRC client irc://irc.oftc.net/noteternityenginerelated (forum software nukes embedded links using irc protocol)
  • Discord, for those averse to IRC


Neither of these places are restricted purely to support, but if you need live help, those are where to go! (disclaimer: help and line are guaranteed, hotness is not)

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Thanks a lot for the Discord place. I will no longer be using the IRC channel. It doesn't really work for mobile usage. So I will only post on Discord.

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