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Any good left-handed PC joysticks out there?

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Okay, so I'm getting pretty tired of WASD. It's only on/off and 8 directions, and maybe an additional key as a speed modifier. The W key doesn't even line up with the S key like the up arrow is aligned with the down arrow. Clearly, the superior option is analog input, where I may move in any direction at any desired speed.


I'm right-handed, so I'd need a left-handed joystick. Doesn't have to be a full joystick (in fact, I prefer thumbsticks), just something that I can use in my left hand that provides enough buttons that I can move with analog input in FPS games.


Something like a Wii nunchuck would be ideal, but an actual Wii nunchuck will not do. First, I'd have to have it connected to an actual Wiimote, then I'd have to get it connected to my computer, then I'd have to fuck around with Glovepie (and I'm really not so sure I like its author). Not to mention it only has two buttons and an awful octagon rim around the thumbstick like Nintendo kept doing until the Wii U.


Though really, I'd just prefer a gamepad with a trackball. Why do no hardware manufacturers cater to my insane desires?! D:

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