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Doom - Project: Horror [DOWNLOAD + FEEDBACK]

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Hey doomers! I have a sweet new horror themed gameplay mod for you guys. Actually it's not new. It was started about a year and a half ago and was posted over on the ZDoom Forums. It had very little done at the time, but I've recently got a lot more shit added and have polished it off quite a bit. There are now plenty of baddies. It's not as scary as I'd like, but at least I can say I tried. Tested with latest stable GZDoom build (3.0.1). Works with both Ultimate: Doom and Doom 2 (And probably Final Doom, although that's not been tested yet). FEEDBACK IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!@#?@#$!@%!#?!^4








This mod uses:


Sprites - Rogue Entertainment, Id Software, Raven Software, Captain Toenail
Sprite/Graphics Edit - Seidolon, Captain Toenail, Jimmy, Eriance, Ixnatiful, scalliano
Sounds - Xatrix, Id Software, SCP: Containment Breach
Decorate - Seidolon, Captain Toenail, scalliano
ACS - Seidolon
Music - SCP: Containment Breach, Seidolon

If you notice something I missed, let me know!









- Red dot sights can act spazzy
- Flares glitch when you cheat
- Probably lots of other stuff that I'll add later


Download V 3.0 NOW!!!!!!! - ProjectHorror_V3.0.pk3

Edited by Seidolon

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59 minutes ago, Seidolon said:


Intentional typo? :P


In all seriousness, though, looking pretty cool.

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9 hours ago, MFG38 said:

Intentional typo? :P


In all seriousness, though, looking pretty cool.

Yeah, they're shitty screenshots.



I reuploaded a bug fix version because the I didn't take into account before of people using different screen resolutions than me, so the status bars were kinda fucked up. Right now, you'll probably still have to change with your screen resolution/hud scaling to get it to work perfect. I use 640x400 and I found that a scale of 1 for the fullscreen and scale of 2 for the normal status bar worked right.


EDIT2: Screenshits updated!

Edited by Seidolon

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Sounds interesting. I downloaded it and will try it out later.


Could you desribe your mod more in detail? Does it replace the regular monsters with new versions? Can it be played with any level? Does it change weapons or other behaviour?

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