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[W.I.P.] Your Future is Bright

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Greetings, I don't know how to start things, so I'm just gonna get into it.


I've been wanting to learn mapping for Doom (and other games but mostly Doom) for a few years now, probably since 2010 when I first discovered the modding scene. I never did though, I wasn't patient enough, or considered myself smart enough at the time to do so, so I just played other people's maps and mods on and off for the next few years.

When Doom 2016 was being shown off at E3 2015, I thought snapmap looked great, and when the game came out, it was, for creating multiplayer maps and gamemodes, but for singleplayer stuff, it felt severely lacking.

Regardless I still used it for a little bit and I did make one small singleplayer level with it.

Fast forward a few months later, circa end of 2016, I'm binge watching The Vinesauce Doom mapping contest and I think to myself. "I can do that."

So I get Doom builder 2, and I make a crappy two room level to get acquainted with the basics of the basics, aptly called "Test1".

Then I make another map in a new WAD aptly called "Test2" but this time its more that a shitty two rooms with default textures and a door. I decided to remake the snapmap I mentioned earlier from memory.

From there, in that same WAD file, I made two more, and recently I decided to release what I've got so far onto the world for people to try out, to give me feedback, to try and learn and improve from. and here we are.






Tested on: ZDoom 2.8,1, GZDoom 3.0.1

Designed: Around vanilla Doom gameplay, no jumping, though, there aren't many if any places where jumping will give you an advantage or affect gameplay drastically anyway, so do what you will.















I dunno, haven't really thought of one yet, If I even will.


My thoughts on each map

Warehouse: Created around the idea of having a similar layout to e1m1 and map01, didn't turn out quite as satisfactory as I was hoping, this is the map I'm currently least happy with, to the point where I may even redo it from scratch.

Bronze Age: First proper map I made, again based (from memory, since i no longer own the version of Doom '16 that the map is on) a snapmap I made, happy with the layout, though I think I may have made everything a bit too tight, everything looks a little samey too.

BFG Division: Blatantly Ripping off Inspired by Advanced Research Complex from new Doom, I based this map on the idea of it being optional, the exit is at the start and the level can be beaten in 5 seconds, but, playing through the level will get you your hands on the BFG, plus stats screens look decidedly depressing when everything is at 0%. The last map I've made so far, and probably the one I'm happiest with, though I do think the tightness of Bronze Age carries over to this level, but maybe not as much.


The (bright) future of this project

I never would have thought I would be confident enough to release these maps into the wild when I started making that first one, Though they are work in progress, the current 3 maps are all beatable and mostly done layout-wise, the work on these three maps (excluding potentially completely redoing the first map) is mostly going to be polish, and,if I can manage, opening up the levels up more to make movement easier.

Besides that, I have a few ideas for a couple more maps to add to the wad, At least two more before I consider the project complete, perhaps more if I decide to later.


Thanks for reading about, and potentially playing my potential disasterpiece. It's much appreciated, and Criticism is welcome, its why I'm releasing this in the first place!

But again, thank you.


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