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.wad Ideas (from the Dip)

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Since I myself have to deal with finals and such, and having no time to seriously focus on Doom, I decided to give away all my "serious" stuff I planned to do after I get done with all the work and real vacation starts, as to not trick myself to "start working on them before I lose em", so I hope that this way I can give my creativity the bird and continue studying. I really hope this can at least help a mapper or a modder down on his luck and without inspiration.


List of ideas below!

- Gameplay wad where each kill accumulates a small amount of hp which can build into infinity, so a good no-damage dodging player can reach 5 digit hp at the end of a megawad.

- Gameplay wad where the camera follows the angle of every movement, and the wad is based mostly on parkour and gunplay. Example: when the player throws himself by the side, the camera twists itself by 45 angles following the perspective. Plus sliding crawling and somersaults.

-Gameplay wad where almost every enemy is a randomized zombie (those slow guys crawling for your flesh) with a rare chance of generating a (un)armed survivor of either positive or negative disposition.

-Gameplay/map wad where snail-slow monsters chase you, but can instakill you. If using a special map, the player is thrown into a maze with these fuckers that could chase you into a corner.

-Gameplay wad which every enemy is under a permanent effect of player using a invis sphere (sans the player being invisible) and their attacks are much faster to make dodging tenfold harder

-Gameplay wad where a player starts with a random condition (random hp, armor, starting weapon, ammo, and 1/30 chance of starting off with a berserk or invurneability sphere)

-Gameplay wad where the player is super tiny and thus every map is too fucking huge to cross in 2 minutes in a straight line

-Gameplay wad where every enemy is melee based but the player doesn't have a melee weapon

-Gameplay wad where there are no health  armor or ammo pickups but the player regenerates each slowly.

-Gameplay wad where armor acts like extra hp instead of armor.

-Gameplay wad where you can only have a magic microgun that can use any ammo, but you have to manually "reload" the gun. The microgun itself can have infinite ammo, but the player can only hold so little ammo, so with every pickup you have to manually "feed" the gun because you cannot "feed" it all at once. Other than that the player uses a oversized nail-hammer as a melee weapon.

-Map wad where the monsters have the keys and you have to get them to unlock doors for you from the other side.

-Mappack wad where you have to mark down buildings for a "orbital strike" to fight back hell.

-Gameplay wad inspired by the map idea above where the player has very weak weapons but can call in artillery on open spaces and use turrets indoors.

-Gameplay wad inspired by the gameplay wad idea above in where you have 4 turrets of each sort (bullet, shell, rocket, plasma), and you fight enemies with them like pokemon and you can upgrade them and their durability, fire rate, fire power and use special upgrades like walking turrets or bubble shields.

-Gameplay wad where the player is a sorcerer with regenerating mana who can learn not only offensive spells, but defensive and support spells as well.

-Map(pack) wad about a night shift in a school, hospital, office building, supermarket or any other urban area

-Mappack wad about drifting cars you have to use as platforms from running though and fro with.

-Mappack wad where you have to take care of a train so it can reach its stop (by cleaning the cars, or disconnecting them off the train)

-Mappack wad where you have to track down a UAC space cruiser carrying a superweapon before the demons do.

-Mappack wad where you have to use a huge elevator to reach the bottom of the planet and you must keep it moving because it shouldn't stop so every level is a timed mission.

-Map wad about escaping a facility breaking down on a molecular level.

-Mappack/gameplay wad about storming a industrial area of a city with custom friendly marines in order to retake it.

-Map wad where the player has to fix a space truck heading towards a huge asteroid cluster.

-Gameplay idea in which Doom becomes a dating sim action game about the Doomguy's first day at work which progresses peacefully till the invasion part where you have to pick who to save out of all people you tried to romance with before. Depending on choices Doomguy could save everyone (or no one)

-Above idea compactible with H-Doom

-Above above idea compactible with Brutal Doom

-All three ideas above combined

-Gameplay idea in which a maxed out Doomguy is slow and stupid but a 1hp Doomguy is uberfast and uberdeadly

-Map/gameplay idea where the player has migraine and has to distance himself from noisy and bright stuff to survive (while fightning, and just shooting harms the player, so the player has to track down silencers as well)

-Gameplay idea in which Doomguy could speed up or slow down at random intervals (good luck making that jump)

-Gameplay/map idea where Doomguy has to protect his home and family from demons invasion style (player can place his family members whenever he likes them to be, most likely behind cover)

-Map wad where there are tons of traps and for the player to advance he has to make right choices (similar to those adventure games of before) of where to go and what to pick up and what to press the use button upon.


Probably update tis list later.

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With that first idea, beware of allowing the health to go over 32767, or you'll overflow and have negative health. This is because health is stored as a signed 16-bit integer (-32768 through 32767).

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3 minutes ago, Empyre said:

With that first idea, beware of allowing the health to go over 32767, or you'll overflow and have negative health. This is because health is stored as a signed 16-bit integer (-32768 through 32767).

I thought it would be less. Huh.

Okay then :P

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