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Sludge Factory - My Awesome Second Map, feedback appreciated

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Hello again, it's been a little while since I've talked about anything I've been working on. My project is still a very long way off but I'm finally ready to show off another map for it which I've spent the last two months on.


Now Entering the Sludge Factory








Tested in GZDoom v3.0.1, ZDoom v2.8.1, Zandronum v2.1.2


Download Link:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/76qgvagidmz79se/Sludge Factory.wad?dl=0


The map is close to being vanilla in it's inspiration and design, however the format I have chosen (Hexen) is an unfortunate necessity as it gives me access to a few key features and actions I require in some of my maps. I understand this isn't particularly popular around here as Boom is more universal but I'd rather have my creative freedom to make my maps the way I envision them over forcing more restrictions into them. This map doesn't necessarily utilize those features, but some of my other maps for this project do.


A few important things to note:

  • The map is located in the Map 05 slot, not the Map 01 slot. This is intentional. Access the map in which ever way you prefer
  • Being a Map 5, it isn't particularly difficult and I can't imagine many people here having a hard time with it
  • The map is fairly large (by my standards) but a number of areas are completely optional
  • ITYTD/HNTR are both empty. This is because I have something special planned for later. HMP/UV are both playable and mostly balanced

I think my mapping has come a long way in the last 8 months. I'd like to know if you think the map is good or not, and if you have any specific feedback I'd love to hear it. Thanks for playing.

Edited by LordShadowZ

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1. Custom textures nicely complement stock DooM textures

2. Nice map geometry


I haven't tried the gameplay, but when I do I'll report back here.

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Well, I was hoping that a few more people would take a look at the map. I guess I need to work on writing my initial post better in the future.


I've made a few small tweaks, if anyone wants to give the map a look the link in the OP is still up.

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Just played through it for the first time. Total time about 40 minutes (I got lost), found 2 of 4 secrets, killed 229 of 237 monsters.


I'll start by saying I really enjoyed this a lot, and all the criticism I have for it is minor compared to how much I loved it.


Your architecture/geometry feel great and I have no problems with any of the texturing. Even if the map had nothing else going for it (which it sooo does), it would at least be great to just look at. The only real problem that comes to mind is the lighting. Sometimes you have lights or lamps that are clearly meant to be working, but nothing around them is lit up and it just looks a little weird to me. But not a big deal.


As you said, this is not a difficult map at all. I'm not very skilled at Doom so maybe others will say it's too easy, but for me it was in the Goldilocks zone of not too easy and not too hard.


This is a rather large map, which I like. I said above it took me 40 minutes to beat, and a lot of that time was spent not knowing where to go next. Often times I simply passed by something important without noticing. I can never tell if that's the map's fault for not being clear enough or my own fault for not being observant. I imagine that on my next play-through, it'll be something closer to 20 or 25 minutes.


Those are all the comments I can think of right now. I will end by saying again that I loved the map. I will play it many times in the future, and I look forward to seeing the final version of the project that this is a part of.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! Architecture and texturing have been my biggest focuses lately for my maps (that's where 80% of the 2.5 month development time went) and I'm glad all that work is turning out as well as it is. I think those lamps were actually a bit of an oversight on my part and I'll have to add some light spots for them.


I'm glad you found the difficulty to be fair, even playing on HMP. I've been striving to improve my balancing as well, and I'm sure I can still do better but I think I'm getting to a good place here too. If you're up for it, try out UV too and let me know what you think.


I'm sorry it took so long to beat the map. This is my biggest one yet and I hope it stays that way. The scale got a little out of hand during early development but it's also my fault for trying to leave the map as open as possible and not locking off too many areas. I wanted to encourage exploration and I guess I succeeded. I have an idea to help guide progression a little though so I'll go add that too.


I plan to officially announce my project SoonTM but right now I'm working on completely remaking 2 of the existing maps so I can bring them up to my new higher standards, and there's a bit more I want to do before I have enough for a playable alpha.

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I'll stream this for you to watch a first playthrough.


Just alert me somehow when you're ready. I go to sleep somewhat early.

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If you can save it as a VoD you can hit me up with the link and I'll watch it when I have the time. Probably easier than finding a set time for both of us.

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