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Post-"Project: Doom" Repository

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Hey guys.  Just thought I'd post some of the MIDI songs I've done that aren't Project: Doom related.  You know, that one cringy MIDI remix album I put together, circa 2008.  I don't really deal in MIDI sequencing anymore for reasons I'd not like to discuss here, but I would like to share some of the more obscure iD stuff I've put together.  Y'know, kind of as a "last hurrah."


That said, please enjoy.  Or not, that's cool too.


Ultimate DooMix

Sort of an experimental project, mixing songs in the style of other songs.  Y'know, like Switcheroom, except with the music.



PSX Doom Stuff

Covered a couple of PSX tracks.  Timing's a little tough, due to the amelodic nature of the soundtrack, but hey, I thought it'd be fun.



Quake Stuff

Yeah, the original.  Not my Quake II stuff.  Those covers are arse.



Doom Gaiden Stuff

I was gonna use these for Doom Gaiden, but I got kinda bored building the second episode.  I dunno if I'll ever finish it, so I'd like to release the songs I was gonna use for it anyway.



Newfangled DEWM


  • BFG Division
    • First MIDI sequence in two years, wooo!!  I still suck at this shit.


The Archive


This is everything.  Literally every MIDI song I've released, in one zip.  Good, bad, it's all here.



So uh, yeah.  That's about it.  You're more than welcome to use these in your projects, as you see fit.


Happy listening!

Edited by silentzorah : New song: BFG Division

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The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA song works better in MIDI than I expected. Kudos!


BTW a few weeks ago I looked at your site and one of the songs I tried to download was 404. Ymir from Terminal Velocity, listed on https://zorasoft.net/midi-nt.html


Hey, if you're no longer making MIDIs, how about making a big zip archive of them all?

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