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Help find me one game

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I don't really remember game's name, but I remember details about. So,this game was turn-based, graphics were way too cartoonish(almost similliar to Battle of Wesnoth or Heroes of Might and Magic). You needed get huge army,free some heroes,get money,attack enemies and attack one bandit castle called "Black Zima"(?)(I'm not sure really, I was child when I played it) until turn 100. After turn 100 game was over. Maybe someone knows what I mean and loves turn-based games too, besides Doom engine games. I'm just very clueless and my memory is way too foggy. 

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Sadly,but nope. But actually it has "heroes" in name. I believe this was mostly contained war between humans. 

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4 hours ago, MysteriousHaruko said:

Heroes of Might and Magic

I was about to suggest this until I saw you've already said that it isn't this. Sorry, can't be of any use! D:

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Do you remember if it was a demo or the full game, the approximate year it was released, or the system it ran on (I'm assuming it was a PC game)? Searching for "Black Zima" only seems to turn up the aforementioned Heroes of War (and some porn links, somehow), which isn't what you're looking for. Based on your description, I turned up some possible candidates.


Rome: Total War - Alexander - It doesn't have the word "heroes" in the title, but it seems to have the 100-turn limit as part of the normal gameplay. Not overly cartoonish, but primitive.

Company of Heroes - Not very cartoonish either, but it's on the older side and has the word "heroes" in the title.


There are a million Heroes of Might and Magic games, which seem to fit your description. If your memory is that fuzzy, recheck all of those. Also, if you're not 100% sure about the title having the word "heroes", also try the words glory, age, legends, etc.


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7 hours ago, CARRiON said:

Can we get a year? Or the system? If it was a PC, which one?

Year is between 2006-2008 and it ran on windows xp and vista alright. If I had that old laptop, I could tell you more about system specs, which I ran this game. 

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