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The Cells - Classic-styled Vanilla level

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I finally finished a normal level in Doom Builder.

I'm so proud of myself.

ANYwho... here's The Cells! A simple one-level WAD that takes place in a prison. And it's really ancient. Even though it has LITEs everywhere. I guess the UAC are like using it? Or something? ANYhow, screenies!




It's 100% Vanilla-compatible, and difficulty settings are implemented. Really sloppy Multiplayer settings are also implemented.

There shouldn't be any more bugs, but if there are, please let me know!

Replaces Level 5: The Waste Tunnels.


V3.1: [Download]

Edited by Kapanyo

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That was a pretty good classic style map. Low-density monster with not much of an emphasis on fighting, but there was a lot of intrigue, with the number of secrets and the intricate layout. It reminds me of something gaspe would make. Early ammo was surprisingly tight, which gave me a couple of things to think about while playing, instead of just shooting things as I moved forward.


- The blue armor secret counts as two secrets, as you have a second tag on the steps, which appears to be a mistake. The soulsphere secret on the ledge also counts as two, since the room with the teleporter to it is also flagged secret. 


- A PE fight where RL suppression can be the cleanest approach, I like it. I like the pinky trap around the RL too. It's good that some encounters have an 'identity' and monsters aren't purely decorative. 


- Not sure what port, lighting mode, and resolution you are using for your shots, but I played in 640x480 glBoom+ with no filtering and it looked much better than in those shots. The map used lighting well overall, with areas that were dark and gloomy and areas with a contrast between bright and dark, and those were usually the best looking areas. 


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Thanks for the feedback!

I'll definitely fix the secrets. I already had done previously, but obviously it wasn't enough.

I'm glad you liked the encounters - that PE one was actually made towards the end of the map's development, and I was kinda just seeing what would work, rather than planning ahead like with the Pinky trap.

The port I used was prBoom+, rather than glBoom+. As far as I know, it should just look like a higher-res Vanilla screenshot? But whatever, I'll get some shots in glBoom for any future Vanilla maps.


Once again, thanks rdwpa - very solid feedback!

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Updated OP - replaced V1 with V2. The only changes are a fixed secret, like two more details and one more Stimpack.

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Updated OP again - I'm updating these a lot! After releasing V2, I played through and realised there were still a lot of problems! I think you've motivated me to actually care about the map, rdpwa!

Now you can actually get 100% kills. And other neat fixes.

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Beautiful little map, not challenging at all, well d33teyled. 9/10.

Chocolate Doom FDA attached. This time the map was fully vanilla, lol. Although I did find a tutti-frutti on one stair, don't remember where it was though.



Plays with V2, you managed to update the WAD while I was writing this post, heh

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Thank you, bzzrak! I'll check the FDA in a sec.

I left a tutti-fruiti somewhere?? Oh no! :c

I'm gonna search for it.


btw I updated it again. Now you can get 100% secrets.

(For anyone playing with V3 rather than V3.1, you have to step under the metal things in the Blue Armour Cacodemon secret)

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