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Basic DOOM modding tools

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Sounds something like Real Guns Hardcore you want to make. The author of this decided to disappear off the face of the Earth after a while so whatever he was working on might be up for grabs(?).

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can you explain basic scheme to create a mod for doom.


i need to take Doom.wad and mod it,or i need to create another one with tools?



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1 hour ago, SamuraiJack said:

1 more question


what editor should i use to create a models for SLADE and textures?

Textures: Photoshop, or your image editor of choice (GIMP or Paint.net can work).


Models: GZDoom (the most widely used advanced sourceport) supports MD3 models, which you can create using Blender.  There's a nice export Nash made for it here.


How much experience do you have in game development?  Because just a warning: just because Doom is old doesn't mean it's super duper simple to create something as complex as you're envisioning.  If anything it's more difficult.

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