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Any Good slaughtermap Megawads?

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I seem to not be able to find wads that can be compared to sunlust or valiant, any suggestions?

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There aren't too many full slaughter megawads aside from community stuff like Slaughterfest. Combat Shock 1 & 2 are good sets to play though.

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Later maps in Scythe.

Alien Vendetta second half (Map 14 onwards)

Ancient Aliens is pretty slaughter-y


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Try stuff by the authors. Sunlust was made by Ribbiks and dannebubinga. Ribbiks also made Stardate 20x6, Stardate 20x7, and SWTW; dannebubinga also made Combat Shock and Combat Shock 2; and they both collaborated on Italo Doom. Valiant, which is not a slaughterwad, was made by skillsaw who oversaw Ancient Aliens, which is also not a slaughterwad. But they are similar to each other. You might also be interested in Lunatic and Vanguard, both by skillsaw, and the Back to Saturn X series, which has maps by skillsaw and mappers with similar philosophies to skillsaw. I'd consider none of these slaughterwads (Vanguard is the closest), but they are similar to Valiant in some ways.


Another mapper of interest is Joshy: check out Speed of Doom and Resurgence. The mapset 50 Shades of Graytall has some slaughtermaps (Joshy also has a map in that). I'd also recommend looking at this list of popular wads. Most of the mapsets in the top-20 have at least some 'slaughter-lite' elements thrown in. Odds are if there are people are getting upset in the reviews, you have a mapset with slaughtery elements on your hands. 


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Other than what others said, I only know pwads that include a few slaughtermaps. For example, Scythe and its sequel have some slaughter maps in their later episodes. Survive in Hell is slaughtery too, still haven't played it though. 


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Going Down. It's a quality over quantity type of slaughter though, small areas chock-full of monsters and each attempt to evade them only makes more spawn; Yet I don't think any map goes over 800 monsters.


Level 27 and 28 go FULL slaughterwad though, and 200 Megahurtz with its 100 archviles and 100 pain elementals make for a fun time :P

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A few of these may have already been listed but I'll go on and mention them again.  Here are the slaughter wads I've played over the last year and have greatly enjoyed.  


New Gothic Movement  

New Gothic Movement 2  


Swim With the Whales  


Toilet of the Gods  

Slaughterfest 2012  

Stardate 20X6  

Strange Place  




Slaughterfest 3(is in beta but the newest version has additional maps!)  

Combat Shock  

Combat Shock 2  

Speed of Doom(not slaughter beginning to end but it's incidental combat that's actually challenging then turns into slaughter)  

Resurgence(I started this one last night but it falls in line with Speed of Doom)  

Italo Doom  

Miasma(incidental in parts, strong set-piece presence in others)  


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On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 10:52 PM, rdwpa said:

 You might also be interested in Lunatic and Vanguard, both by skillsaw [...] they are similar to Valiant in some ways.

They're also better than Valiant (or AA).

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5 hours ago, Cynical said:

They're also better than Valiant (or AA).

That's an interesting statement. What did you find better about those compared to Valiant and AA?

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Better flow.  Valiant and AA tend revolve more around self-contained encounters, while Lunatic and *especially* Vanguard let you tear-ass around a complex Quake/UT Deathmatch-y layout and fight/evade things as you see fit.  Since Skillsaw doesn't tend to do self-contained encounters as well as a Ribbiks or Dannaebubinga, his newer style doesn't play to his strengths as well.  When he *does* let you tear-ass around an open layout these days, it tends to be a lot flatter and more of a "open-plain dotted with random buildings" type of layout than the twisted interlocking complexes of Vanguard 2 or 4 or 6 or 10 or most of Lunatic (notable exceptions: Bane Capital from Valiant, Magenta Heat from AA). 

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