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Desktop Icons With Transparent Backgrounds [Please Help]

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I have created a few images in paint and I want to use them as desktop icons for folders and batch files. I already know how to set the images as icons in windows and how to change the file extension in paint to .ico. The PC only recognizes (at the best of my knowledge) BMP files for use as icons. If I create the icon in Photoshop with a transparent background Windows won't recognize it as an icon but if I create the icon in paint it does but it won't have a transparent background.


How do I create a desktop icon in windows with a transparent background. Is there any special image coding involved or editors that I can use to upload and create my own icons? I would really like to learn how to do this.

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Transparent backgrounds are not possible in MS Paint. The saved image will always have a background if saved from within Paint. Your only option is to use an image editing program or online service (i.e. Pixlr) to remove it. Personally I would use Paint and set the background color to cyan, then use SLADE to remove the background, and finally use ConvertICO.com to turn the PNG into an ICO.

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