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The Alfonzo MIDI Depository

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The natives have been getting restless. 'Why don't you upload your MIDIs somewhere so that we can download them, you nonce.' Fair enough. Here they are, courtesy of Wartorn and his awesome service: http://alfonzo.the-powerhouse.net/


Example track #1: Mystic Tides, from Realm of Parthoris (2015)

Example track #2: Corrugator, from Bloody Rust 2 (2016)

Example track #3: Clippings, (2015)

Example track #4: Aerial Tombs, (2013)


Please feel free to use anything and everything as you see fit, because it's all been featured in/composed for released titles like Realm of Parthoris or Bloody Rust 2. By extension, this means that MIDIs for work-in-progress projects like Adventures of Square won't register on the site until that too has seen a formal and final release.


This stuff dates back as far as 2012 when I first started composing using Sekaiju. None of what you hear here has been registered through instrumental input; it's all been painstakingly (and often poorly) cobbled together by clicks and scrolls of the mouse. I hope you find something worth using in your levels!


Check back every other month, as I'll be composing and uploading new material in a desperate attempt to win over some suitors. Cheers.

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