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How do I make the player start in the air?


Okay, so for my WAD I'll eventually be using a different player actor (I dunno the lingo), so if you can set something like this up through that easily, then I'll be willing to do that rather than mess about with effects in every map.


Basically, I want my player to drop from the sky, and so far I'm still using the normal Doom player thing, which I learned doesn't preserve Z height.

So I've made a sector outside the map which, when the player stands on the floor, teleports them into the air silently.

But, uh, I don't know how to make a sector-based teleport, rather than a line-based one. Any help?

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Sector based teleporting works by giving the sector the tag you want and placing a Teleport Destination inside it. Since in classic Doom, things can't have TIDs this is how it was done. With ZDoom based ports, you can add UsePlayerStartZ to MAPINFO/gamedefaults and you could skip the teleport trick if your WAD is meant for these ports.



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I'd recommend to do the teleportation from ACS - make an ENTER script (automatically executes at map startup for each player) that calls Teleport_NoFog (teleports the script's activator silently).


EDIT - the abovementioned MAPINFO option (that I was unaware of before) is of course better than this.

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A classic method (without using ZDoom features) is to put the player start on a tall, thin pillar (2x2 map units is enough) and have it instant-lowered at startup (by a voodoo doll on a conveyor belt for example).

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