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Throwback to my first maps (2013)

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Thanks for contributing to the DOOMWORLD community with your maps!


I played it through and I must say that it was not really good, but it was not bad either for "first map". The first map is kind of hard without the first rooms secret, and the blue key secret is just silly as there's a horde of monsters but no loot. The map itself looks bad as you did not use any textures except the base ones, that are there by default. The overall architecture was not terrible, it was fine for the first map. The doors were unpegged so they looked weird aswell. The secrets were too obvious perhaps. the second map is not "bullshit" it's just unfinished, or barely started. If you have any recent maps you've made, please let me know I will gladly look into them aswell.

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Yeah well in 2013 I was mainly building mediocre Duke3D maps and I tried to make some Doom maps too, that was the first result :) Thanks for giving it a shot, I thought many people would leave the thread after the "it is mediocre" statement. I understand it was not really good. The bridge raising can actually be activated by flicking its side too. The blue key secret was meant to be a monster closet but I didn't know anything about advanced fast doors and tags so I was kinda perplexed and just made it a secret... the end room is a bit psychedelic, though. The second map was meant to feel open with the lakes but I was not pleased so I decided to just abandon everything.


I didn't really publicly link my most recent maps, but if you want to try them out, you could shoot me a PM

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