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Animated textures on 3D models - Is it possible? If so, how?


I'm not very well edicated in 3D modelling and/or using 3D models in GZDoom. Currently I'm looking to animate a 3D model's textures (so a waterfall isn't static, for example).


assumed this could be done via animdefs, but sadly this doesn't seem to be the case. My next assumption is that it is done via frames where the model uses a differerent texture per model. If this is the case, can someone educate me in how to add frames to an MD3? I'm using blender, if that helps.


Thanks in advance. :)

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2 hours ago, Dragonfly said:

assumed this could be done via animdefs

With decorate you'll set up the states and frames, with MODELDEF you'll set up the models and skins to the frames.

Check "Animation through multiple skins example using two model parts", but there should be no troubles of using the same (single) model with different skins.

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Yeah, just animate the actor the same way how you'd animate a sprite-based actor, different sprite frames will just be replaced by different models.

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