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Possible New Doom Anthology

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So my new year's resolution is to finish a writing project a month (which i've already kind of failed last month, so I did a lot of editing on finished books instead). I thought since I still have a lot of months left in the year, I might try to round out the Doom series I started writing way back when, and further touch up the old entries.


I even thought about emailing Id and pitching an anthology, writing the rest of the books if they greenlight the project. In other words, this would be a fat-ass volume of novellas, hopefully endorsed by Id. Theoretically. Depending what they say. I just don’t know for sure if my writing is good enough to be seen as what a proper Doom narrative should be. So I wanted to share my plans and open the floor to discussion of the subject, if anyone has any opinions or ideas to add. It might help me decide how hard to pursue the project.


For anyone who is new to this, here are the three books I’ve already finished and shared in the Doom community:




Knee Deep in the Dead

A team of Mars Base security grunts fly to Phobos Base as reinforcements against an unspecified threat. After listening to his team get slaughtered, new recruit Sarge enters a demon-infested Phobos Base in search of his girlfriend Max, the only one who can fly the shuttle off the cursed moon.


The Shores of Hell

Takes place before, during, and after Knee Deep. After Deimos is invaded by demons, a nameless Hacker goes on several bloody adventures as he searches for a way back to Mars. He finds himself sandwiched between a demon infestation, a doomsday cult, and a mysterious series of tremors that somehow feel like footsteps...



After the events of Knee Deep and Shores, a “descent” team went into the demon realm Inferno to recover a vital piece of equipment stolen by the demonic forces. Many months and many descent missions later, their mission log is discovered, revealing that they instead found a terrible conspiracy that may have cost them their lives.



They’re all written as journal entries and focus on the horror aspect of the Doom premise, sorta how Doom 64 did. Over the past few years, here's what I had in mind for the rest:

Hell On Earth

Takes place after the original trilogy's conclusion, during the demonic invasion / occupation of earth. Based on the Doom 2 story: a lone security guard has secured the last operable spaceport and assists in evacuating the last of humanity to Mars Base.


Thy Flesh Consumed

Well after demonic forces have swept across their home town, a group of sorority sisters from a christian school are holed up in the fortress-like sorority house, where they have successfully repelled all attempts to break in. As the surviving girls wait for the marines to come for them, they’re divided on the merits of cannibalism in the face of an exhausted food supply. And yes, a pet rabbit named Daisy is involved.



The Mastermind is dead and the demon legions are squabbling amongst themselves, while humanity thrives on mars and regularly explores Inferno. Brody from Shores is rescued from the ruins of Deimos base and, after six month's psych recovery, goes on a series of missions to investigate a secret project the demons are constructing on earth. She also becomes intrigued by Sarge -- known on earth as the Doomed Marine -- held captive as a guinea pig in the new UAC labs.


Thanks in advance to anyone who shares their thoughts on any of this.


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Considering from what I've read so far (the original trilogy), I'd say that you should definitely consider finishing the anthology, as well as submitting said anthology to id.


It not only establishes a realistic tone with an otherwise outlandish concept, everything else ranging from characters to tone feel very in-tone with what would happen in Doom 64.

I know that Doom 2016 has gone with a less serious tone and has established itself as something of a black comedy, but I feel that not only should this be a darker countenance to the almost-goofy Doom 2016, I feel that said novellas can actually be produced into films (more of the Netflix type of movies).

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