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What wads and ports can I run with 32mb ram (dos and win95)?

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Scored a pentium 166 today, just the mobo and cpu are going for $US150 on ebay, not to mention the sound blaster 16 and voodoo 2.  Anyway, all I have that will fit in it is 2x4mb 72 pin, I don't expect that to give me much of a performance boost.  I'm guessing I'm limited to vanilla, doom95, and boom for dos?

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I would also try very early eternity, zdoom 210 or zdoom 217 and early legacy, 4 or 5, may run well on it.  Very early prboom may well run on it even windowed but certainly on dos.


mm, hell revealed and the like will probably run fine on it.


Cool find

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