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Infinitely respawning monster


Hi all, I am attempting to implement an idea for my map that involves two mancubus on pillars that respawn if you try to kill them. However, I am unsure how to actually do this without the use of an arch vile under it, which with what i'm building is not possible. is there way to do this with Zdoom UDMF format? For reference, I am looking at something similar to Arachnotron Arrival, map03 of ancient aliens, where they keep spawning until you telefrag them.

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Not sure if this works in Vanilla doom or Any old scripts besides ACS


you can achieve this by Loops 




Chubbzdoomer has a Tutorial video on loops if you want to see how its done



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You can do this in DECORATE by giving the monster the ALWAYSRESPAWN flag.

actor Fatso2 : Fatso 1067

This makes a new monster that inherits from the mancubus (called Fatso here), gives the new monster a DoomEd number (1067, the default mancubus number + 1000), and adds the flag to it. Use Slade to put this code in the DECORATE lump in your wad, and place thing number 1067 in your map wherever you want the respawning mancubus.

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