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What map is this?

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The map in this photograph is unknown to me.  I was wondering if anyone here knew what map it was.  




I just played through all 30 maps of Doom II and don't remember seeing a map that looked like this.  Maybe I missed it?  Or more likely it's from a custom PWAD.


Any help would be appreciated.




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18 minutes ago, Paul977 said:

It's map 21 from Plutonia Revisited a PWAD

I just checked that map out and it looks very similar.  


It must be a modified version of that map, because it looks slightly different.  



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Keeper of Jericho (the author of the map) had to do some pruning down of detail to get it under the vanilla limits, so I'd bet that screenshot is of an old version before the final edits (those torches and a staircase like that are murder on the visplanes). Unfortunately most of the screenshots in the thread are kaput since they're 7 years old, so can't say for 100% certainty.

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