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doggy.wad - two quick zzzv maps

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holy doom, these maps are like 200% my aesthetic



people play this dammit

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Couple o FDAs with saves:





No complaints, except about my own performance ;) Wasn't able to get max kills on either map, despite my efforts. I was too loose with ammo on map 1, and couldn't find some dudes on map 2. Love the aesthetic and the music.


EDIT! I'm a bit confused as to what happened, but here's a map23 FDA as well :D



Edited by Benjogami

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Fun maps yakfak! I hope you decide to stick around for a while longer :) Here's a couple unwatchable FDAs


Idk what game I was playing on MAP01, but I died a lot pretty much everywhere; still had a fun time in the process so that's what it's all about :) Aside from the 2 deaths from the super-deadly barrels in MAP02, I didn't die for the rest of that map; some luck or something. Total times were and embarrassing 46:14 and a terrible 16:13. IIrc I maxed both, though missed some items in MAP01. Might be some good stuff you can gleam from them in terms of feedback and how stuff works, but definitely use that fast-forward button liberally, heh.


I noticed that both of these maps had a SS visible throughout the level, yet only available at the end when they were not really useful, heh. I also noticed that both maps ended with somewhat of a non-threatening cyber, though MAP01's had that nasty angle at first when fighting him within the CG room. Both maps also seemed to be very generous on ammo until dealing with the bosses, which made me trend more towards infighting them off.


Aesthetically I love these maps; great use of stock textures making such interesting spaces to explore. The great layout of that first map helps a lot with this; while I liked the second map's layout as well, it was a fairly small map with less paths/areas than the first, which was awesome to explore. A couple of my deaths/bad decisions can be attributed to just wanting to look around, heh.


While the design of these maps was rife with "zany" things, that's also their main charm and what makes them stand out as unique. One weird thing I wasn't a fan of was the teleport out of the area with the switch that reveals the SM in MAP01, but I eventually figured it out and it did prepare me to be more observant for the remaining stuff, such as all the supplies scattered around in the most inconvenient of places, which were fun to figure out how to get.


I loved the gameplay of both of these maps; nice, tight encounters with some great pressure on the player. MAP01 was just a Hell of a lot of fun learning to unravel. MAP02 had a nice, commanding presence with the boss monsters crowded in the main hall, and the FIREBLU fissures cutting through the room were absolutely grand. One of the few times I'll say that random fissures actually added something to the architecture/design. I wonder if the player can fall and die in some of them.


One minor visual bug: HOM in MAP02 by the blur sphere. The wall that lowers behind it reveals a sidedef with no lower (and possibly upper?) texture(s).


I'll be back later on with another unwatchable FDA :) Great job on these!

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thanks for checking these out and the kind words :) watching FDAs now, regretting not finding a way to make the activatable teleporters more obvious.


a mischevious net-wisp must have intercepted my uploaded and added its own MAP 23 for inscrutable purposes

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@yakfak BMPs for screenshots is a bit excessive. PNGs at the least are a better option, plus they are still lossless if that's what you were going for.

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Edward... thank u


I tried to upload this to idgames but it seems to have disappeared and emerged neither in the rejected or accepted folders and I don't particularly feel like trying again so that's that. stay tuned for my following project: wallowing in depression

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22 minutes ago, yakfak said:

I tried to upload this to idgames but it seems to have disappeared and emerged neither in the rejected or accepted folders

This is normal, uploaded files get automatically moved to a hidden folder until maintainers get to check them out (which may take a few days) to accept or reject them.

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nah it's been over a week since I FTP'd the thing and I didn't get an email, and see the file neither in teh rejected or accepted list so I'm assuming teh faeries took it away with them to another place

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8 hours ago, yakfak said:

I didn't get an email

Almost every email provider will throw it in the spam box. Hotmail might not even give you a chance to see it.


Personally, I think the easiest thing for everyone is just to email them in advance:

"To speed up the process a bit, you may email us ahead of time at idgmaint@gamers.org (please start the subject with DOOM-FTP: so your message won't be nuked) to state which files you have uploaded."

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