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General Rainbow Bacon

Metallica Hardwired tour

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I was hoping to go but it turns out that the boys aren't coming to my state this tour :(


Which is a shame because the live recent mixes are fantastic and everyone in the band has stepped up their game tremendously compared to a few years ago. This is really a second Black Album era.

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I saw them last march. Worth every damn second of it. When they started playing no remorse it was the best shit ever since it's one of my favorite songs and i never expected to hear that one live.

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I've seen them live back in 2004, when St. Anger was their latest album. I thought it was pretty good.

I have to admit though; I think Hardwired is such a boring album. It's such a crowdpleaser, it makes it difficult to finish a song without it becoming background noise. There's nothing new, and the entire album is pretty much the same "thrash-y rock" shit they put out on Death Magnetic, albeit with a slightly better production this time.

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Hardwired is probably best album they released in a while :)

I now end up listening this album more than the old stuff.

Dream No More and Moth into Flame sold me on this.

it gets trashed because it has slow songs therefore it can't be "Trv Metul" but I like for what it is.


Its a shame they have no plans brining their tour where I live.

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