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"tii" is the mod for Doom, and is respective like Brutal Doom, and Project Brutality.

If you think the mod can't be worse, play it with a megawad, and with Ketchup v5.

So, there is no trailer, or a testing video. I was good at DECORATE and I managed to

work all animations, sounds and all.


"tii" v2 has been released, so download this:



Edited by RoozyDoom1999 : v2 wants to be released soon :(

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Also, if you all think this is a terry wad, or a school shooting wad, "tii" isn't a terry wad, or a school shooting wad.

And, in case of the pronunciation, "tii" is spelled Tea. This is a reference to McDonald's sweet tea with no ice (My Drink).

Edited by RoozyDoom1999

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