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Starting Zandronum League

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I'm going to quote myself from this very recent thread.



On 2017-6-5 at 8:37 PM, Dragonfly said:

The issue I see here with this league of sorts, is aside from taking five minutes to set up a discord channel you've not thought out anything else.

  • Why would we want to be part of your league
  • What is your league called?
  • Where is your logo?
  • What do we get out of it?
  • When will you host each event?
  • What events will you be hosting?
  • How often will you be hosting events?
  • What maps will you play on?
  • Will you have maps made specifically for your league?

etc etc. 


To make this work you really need to put in the effort to make it feel like a desirable league to join in the first place. :)

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