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How to get better at MP

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Does anyone have any general tips? I play on PS4? I'm level 13-1, looking to get better. Usually use the hellshot and combat shotgun.

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Hey GooesePants, your post has been up for awhile with no replies but i thought i'd still provide some help to you. 


First things first, your load outs. Lets start with your main - Hell shot and combat shotgun. You'd be much better off running with hell shot and super shotgun and taking the time to master that load out. This is because it will complement the hell shot a lot better. The Hell shot is more of a consistent damage dealer (provided your racking scalps with it), it doesn't deal maximum damage instantaneously. The SSG does all its damage instantaneously (burst), so it will cover you in circumstances where consistent damage dealing weapons will fail. The combat shotgun is a nice middle ground between burst and consitent damge. People who use this effectively will tend to poke you from meduim and short distances whilst jumping around to avoid damage. However, the hell shot is already great at doing exactly that so a burst weapon will optimise your load out much better. 


What you should take from this is that not every combination of weapons is optimal. For example, Heavy Machine gun and Plasma rifle is horrible. You've got two consistent damage dealing weapons but you have no burst potential, not even a  middle ground between consistent or burst. A better choice would probably be HMG - CS, HMG- Vortex rifle and PR - CS, PR - Rocket launcher. Try to make sure your load out is never specific to one particular end of the spectrum (burst and consistent) otherwise you will find it very hard to adapt to situations on the map. 


You need to master the meta game of pick ups. But this will come in due time as you play all the maps and become aware of where all the pick ups are. Don't attack people when you have low health (unless you are certain 100% you'll win). You'll spend about 40% of your time scavenging health and armour if your playing well. 


This is the bear bone basics of MP. I'm not sure about your current skill so my advice might be stuff you already know. In that case, if your interested in receiving more advice, get back to me and i'll tailor my advice. I can give you more detailed information on how to play every map and game mode for example.


In the mean time, another very important element to getting better at any game is to watch expericed players. I've got some stuff on my youtube page, look in the playlist DOOM 2016. The videios are all raw footage though with no commentary, but its deffenilty good to just observe how an expercied player (if i do say so myself :D) approaches the match from the start and how they adpat to stay on top throughout the entire game.


Link to the playlist:




Here is a dude who provides a more analytical video to better your game.




Good luck :)


My credentials: Ive played the MP for a full year. Been Doomslayer twice and have a 4.4 K/D

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