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Random unfinished shit

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So, after attempting to play NG2, I realized that I've mostly lost interest in Doom (the only new "traditional-ish" wads I've played in the last three or four years that didn't just feel like rote chores were Plutonium Winds, Unholy Realms, Resurgence, and the better parts of Sunlust and Stardate 20x7), and that neither of these maps are ever going to evolve beyond this basic "unfinished rough layout with some monsters for a few backbone encounters" state.  So, I upload them here.  Do what you want with them -- if someone wants to finish either of them, that's fine; if you just want to run around and see what sort of things might exist in another timeline, that's fine; if you just want to completely ignore them, that's fine.


If you want to learn more about either of these, you can go listen to the episode of WXR where I was the guest (link here), but here's the short versions:


DCR sprang from an old unfinished SteveD map; my transformation of it was meant to be a tribute to HR24, "Post-Mortem".  I scrapped it when I realized that I had misunderstood the role that vertical scale played in the original, and that what I created played more like a lame version of KS28 "Hard Target" instead.  "DCR" was short for "Death Comes Ripping" -- I figured it was a name it would be easy to get both me and SteveD to agree on, since he's an old-school hardcore punk guy, and I love Danzig-era Misfits (plus, it's a really fitting title for a Doom map!  "Shotgun blast, a demon piece of lead", indeed!)


False Roman Cancel was started after appearing on WXR and talking about the "Four Room Challenge"; I thought "fuck it, why not start a map like that myself?  It's been a long while".  The layout is kinda sexy in some ways, but I overscaled it badly and it didn't seem like there was any way I'd get the combat to work and I don't have any fucks left to give to find ways to fix it.  The name derives from "Four Room Challenge" -> "frc.wad" working name -> me giggling and saying "hehe, FRC" thinking in the GGXX sense.


So here you go.  Look at it, or don't, whatever.


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