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What are some maps that try to make more realistic versions of iwad ones? (making downtown look like downtown, crater, etc)

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Crater in TNT didn't really have a resemblance of a crater, due to the limitations of the time of course, but maybe people have made maps that set out to look like the places mention in iwad map titles.

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One guy: Sergeant_Mark_IV

He turned Downtown into a literal Downtown, with freeways (or is it highways?), roads, benches, palm trees, cars (non-interactive), buildings both untouched and destroyed (there's a strip club building too IIRC), a subway station, craters, fire, etc.

And then there's Suburbs, which I believe you know what to expect.

Then there's City Assault, a map that goes by its title. Try this one out.

And why not: http://www.mediafire.com/download/f7099udwg72dy1p/sgtmarkivfreedoommAP17.WAD

An old Freedoom map massively changed into something more fun and realistic. It's map17 BTW.

In fact you should check out the Starter Pack Hell on Earth mapset. It has a lot of "realistic" looking maps, although to the best of my knowledge, a lot of those maps are from Freedoom, so you might be disappointed.

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There was Super Skulltag which had realistic maps based on Doom 2 level names, there was a map which had cars, buildings and all those sort of decorations.

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