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hey guys i finish my third level FOR VANILLA, i didnt spent much time on this so it is short and have not much detail and also it is hard because i put many revenants in it








unfortunately, the demons build a fortress on the hell and are amass an army there, they have opened a portal to are dimension and we traced it to an island on the pacifist ocean, you must enter there to the hell and destroy their army before they ovverun the earth, good luck soldier


if you are stuck anywhere i put demo on the file to help you


BUG: on vanilla the last battle improves the sprite limit i dont know if there are any other


UPDATE: fixed some missing textures


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Booted up Choco Doom for the first time in over a month, recorded a FDA. On HNTR, because the word "tough" makes me cry.


Although there's a lot of monsters, it's actually quite easy. Fun.



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