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What's your opinion about the Doom games?

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If you're in Doomworld, you obviously like Doom, at lest to an extent. But what are your opinions on the different entries on the series? Which one is your favorite? What do you think about Thy Flesh Consumed? Do you like Doom 3? Doom 64? What about the new Doom?


Basically just tell all the opinions you want to give about the games.

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Imo, this should get moved to EE or so, because this is the "classic-doom" part of the forum.


Other than that:

Doom2 > the rest from my point of view

Doom is not as good as Doom2

Doom3 was nice for atmosphere

Doom'16 doesn't have enough things at once, but at least the monster AI there punishes lazy doorcampers like they deserve early on, so that's a plus.

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Doom 64 is the black sheep of Doom, but it's a sequel to Doom 2 many wanted. Considering the fact that it still used sprites for ingame things within a 3D world basically makes it worthy of the name Doom.

While it lacks some of the demons from the Classic Doom, it comes with new iterations of the demons, most notably, the PE. Although the animations of the demons (Mancubus) could've been better.

2/3 of the maps are Hell maps, which is a first for the franchise. And these Hell maps can be quite interesting.

The music isn't necessarily music. It's more like ambience, with wails, crying, computers noises, metallic clangs, etc playing throughout each map. This gets particularly atmospheric when you're playing the Hell maps, given the nature of Hell, how it's a land of torment and fire, and all that. And since 2/3 of the maps are in Hell, it gets interesting.

Doom 64 gave Doom a breath of fresh air, compared to how Doom 2 was basically Doom1+extras. 10/10

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10 minutes ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

this should get moved to EE

No, it's in the right spot. We've had very similar threads as this and have had no problems. it's "Doom General" Not "Classic Doom"


UDoom is great, Doom 2 is a great Add on pack (or enhancement) To UDoom. Doom 64 is gross on the 64, but great as Doom 64 EX. Doom 3 doesn't really feel like a doom game for me, But I enjoyed it none the less, I also think it inspired Dead Space by a large amount. Doom 4 to me is close to, if not the best modern single player shooter to date.


I'v more opinions, but am too lazy to type them all out, and would prolly be a mini novel.



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4 minutes ago, MrGlide said:

No, it's in the right spot. We've had very similar threads as this and have had no problems. it's "Doom General" Not "Classic Doom"

I'm not talking about there being any "problems". I more talking about not everybody seeing this, or rather less people seeing this than would have, if this was in EE.




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Just now, Nine Inch Heels said:

Imo, this should get moved to EE or so, because this is the "classic-doom" part of the forum.

Ok, I'll move it.


EDIT: Um... How do I move it to another section?

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45 minutes ago, MrGlide said:

Doom 3 doesn't really feel like a doom game for me, But I enjoyed it none the less, I also think it inspired Dead Space by a large amount.

The Developers of Dead Space confirmed they took their inspiration from System Shock 2 and Resident Evil 4.


"Originally, we were pushing around this idea of maybe we could make System Shock 3. And you can look at the Dead Space blueprint and be like, 'Oh, this is kind of like System Shock,'" Wanat said, smiling. 

"To do a System Shock 3, you're really tackling a monumental task, to make people happy with a sequel that wasn't made by the same team as the original," he explained. And while the game didn't make it out the door and live on as the third System Shock, Wanat said that a new entry in that series was the goal they shot for early on.

"It was like, 'Everybody, get your System Shock 2 copy, play it start to finish, and let's figure out what we're going to do,'" Wanat said, recalling the early days of development. "Then Resident Evil 4 came out and we were like, 'Oh. No, this is the shit.'


I think it's more of a case of Doom3 being a poorly conceived version of System Shock 2. The basic premise of 'demons in space' is pretty dumb, but that's fine for a big dumb fun game like Doom 1 & 2, but when you try to give it a humourless survival-horror treatment, it just becomes cringe worthy nonsense. Thankfully, for Doom4 they injected the tongue-in-cheek humour and run & gun game play back in.

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The Ultimate Doom, with all four episodes, feels like the quintessential Doom to me.  The enemy types felt mostly balanced, the guns felt amazing, and the way it's broken into episodes just feels right.  It's by far my favorite.


Doom 3 is my second favorite.  I know a lot of people had gripes about it being too dark or not being able to have a flashlight and a gun out at the same time (I loved this particular aspect myself), but I really can't find anything wrong with it as far as my own expectations and likes/dislikes go.  I also really loved the somewhat slower pace because it highlighted the exploration and creepiness of the original that I think a lot of people overlook; Doom isn't about balls-to-the-wall fast action for me.  Also the Revenants felt "correct".


Doom 64 comes next and might even be tied with Doom 3.  It's creepier atmosphere, use of colors, and gameplay felt spot-on.  It really felt like the next iteration of Doom at the time, and not just an expansion pack.  In fact, this game was the only reason I ever bought an N64, and is the only game I own for it.  In a way, it feels like a bridge between Doom and Quake, which is a perfect combo in my book.


Doom 2 comes next.  Some of the new monsters were great additions (Hell Knights, Pain Elementals), some were annoying as hell (Revenants, my least-favorite of any Doom monster in the original games).  The double-barreled shotgun was also a nice addition.  But it didn't quite have the same "HOLY SHIT THIS IS COOL" feeling as the original did for me.  But there are some levels I adore, like map11 and map12.


Doom 3's expansion pack comes here.  It felt good, but I didn't like some of the new monsters.  It also didn't feel as scary.  But I did like the part where you're in a gondola and a Hell Knight throws a body at you.  That made me jump.


Doom 2016 is a flaming piece of shit that doesn't feel like Doom.  It's overly-macho Doomguy feels extremely out of place (to me, Doomguy was always more of a thoughtful, careful guy).  The gameplay is too much like Painkiller, which never felt Doom-like to me, despite being regarded as such.  Normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, but it just... it feels off.  The finishing moves are an interesting concept, but I'd rather have health pickups. The monsters look goofy for the most part.  And the music... god I hate that music.


So yeah.  Doom > Doom 3 > Doom 64 > Doom 2 > Doom 3 xpack > most things > Doom '16


Thinking about it, this all probably reflects in my maps :-P

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Just now, Urthar said:

 The basic premise of 'demons in space' is pretty dumb, but that's fine for a big dumb fun game like Doom 1 & 2, but when you try to give it a humourless survival-horror treatment, it just becomes cringe worthy nonsense.

That's mostly subjective. I think it actually turned out well.

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I haven't played Doom 2016, and I'm surprised that the other versions of Doom like the SNES or PSX are not included (which I played too and could be for another topic). 


As a first experience, Doom 1 is a great introduction to the players, me included. Perfect pacing, good flow, iconic maps which all people remember. Good music. Balanced mapset. Even the ambience added in the PSX version rocks. 

Then there's Doom 2 which added more difficulty and a weapon. For some reason, I don't enjoy the maps as the first Doom. It lacks the "something" that Doom 1 had...

Doom 64....Easily my favorite game on par with Doom 1. We all know how Doom 64 is. Dark ambience, unique music, good puzzles for those 3 artifacts to upgrade the Unmaker, new boss, immersive gameplay....

Doom 3. I had more fun with the expansions than the main game, to be honest. It doesn't feel like a proper Doom game. In reality, this game is a 50/50 in terms of opinion. Some may like it, some may not. 

Bonus track: I really like the PSX version of the Master Levels, mainly for the music used and the proper ambiance.


So, in short: Doom 1>Doom 64>PSX Master Levels>Doom 3 and the expansions>Doom 2

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Best to worst:


TNT is best Doom, it has the best music, it has my favourite maps, it has varied levels and it has some of the best (but also some of the worst) textures to work with.


Doom 2 is second best Doom, I like Doom 2 a lot more everytime I play it. Doom 2 is a nicely paced game where I can play hard and feel like a badass but also leisurely stroll through if I want to chill out.


Doom 3 is a game that I have played to death and know back to front yet still find it enjoyable, I love the tight combat that really tests your reactions on veteran and the fascinating lore too.


Doom 3 ROE is ditto.


Doom 2016 is really my cup of tea thanks to all those hours spent on Serious Sam and Painkiller, the SnapMap feature is also very appealing due to the years I spent on TimeSplitters MapMaker, I also get to live out my magnificent muscle macho man action movie power fantasy so good stuff.


Ultimate Doom isn't very appealing to me due to the lack of Doom 2's features, nice textures and music though.


Doom 64, I'm not a big fan of it as I find the new designs ugly and too clay like for my tastes and the music to be oddly the worst (the PSX soundtrack was melodic in its use of ambient noise making some interesting music, most of Doom 64's tracks feel just messy and unfocused).


Plutonia can die in a dirty pond that is on fire.

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Doom games (the classic ones) are so freakin awesome because it doesn't bother keeping you in your comfort zone. I love how it just drops you into the game and you just figure it out, this really threw me off when first playing it. The gameplay is soo freakishly intense throughout the entire game. And that music.....oh my god that freakin music. It's the game we all deserved ;-)


My personal favourite levels are:

E4M9 - Fear - because of the crazy chaos, especially in UV

Map23 DOOM2 - love the uniqueness and the music


I also actually prefer THE ULTIMATE DOOM because of the music

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Here's my list of all important Doom games. 


Ultimate Doom - The classic against which I measure all FPS games. Absolute perfection. 

Doom 2 - An amazing sequel with some criminally and unfairly maligned level design.

TNT - A bit generic in design, reminds me of the repurposed user WAD that it is. Amazing soundtrack to compensate. 

Plutonia - Deviously challenging, more or less what I consider "real" Final Doom. 

Doom 64 - A worthy successor to Doom 2, should've been called Doom 3 for all that it's worth. 

Doom 3 - Not awful but gets repetitive in gameplay early on. Worth playing just for the Hell levels alone however. 

Doom 2016 - A fucking awesome semi-throwback to Classic Doom that *just* misses the mark. 



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Actually there isn't an order in my mind for Final Doom & Doom 2, so you can consider the first three a whole.


1-1: Plutonia: Challenging gameplay, this is a good point. However, there's no original music, and some of the stage design is kind of bland, probably too gray or something like this. However, I like difficult stuff, so it has its unique position in official entries.


1-2: TNT: Evilution: Some of the levels are challenging, and some original musics. My favorite two are definitely Horizon and Infinite. There are also some huge levels I like. I guess not so many people like Map21, but Map21 is kind of OK to me. My favorite is definitely Map20.


1-3: Doom 2: Actually I should have talked about this before the first two because this is the base of the previous two. It's a very strong "boost pack" to Ultimate Doom. Super Shotgun is my love, and monster variety is better even though some of them I definitely hate (maybe love with hate) them. There are amazing level designs like Map08 and Map13. There are also amazing musics like "The Dave D. Taylor Blues".


2: Ultimate Doom: The original "sin" which "wasted" my life ;)  Probably because I played Doom 2 before Ultimate Doom, so I am biased here. I don't really like the gameplay without Super Shotgun for some reason.


(Serious Sam goes here)


3: Doom (2016): One of the few modern games I like. It's definitely different from most of the modern single player focused FPS. With fast pace action, without reload or stuff, it actually feels like a spiritual successor. Still, probably I don't really like the platforming that much. Some of the levels has too much of these. Other than this, I have no complaint about this game.


4: Doom 3 ROE: I put this before Doom 3 is because of the Super Shotgun. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of "horror" type of games, if I classify this correctly. It's still a fun game to play nonetheless.


5: Doom 3: Oh god, the Shotgun sounds like plastic! Still, quite slow in pace, and it feels like a one time game. Maybe in really rare case, I'll pick it up again.

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Doom 3 = best game. underrayted jem no one talks about. survival horror game with gunz


Thy Flesh Consumed = best skybox of all Doom. Orange = sexy color. Very overrated as it only comes with 1 new campaign, no nu karctrz or skinz or weapons. sniper rifle would have made new campaign better. flaem thrower 2.


New Doom is bayd cuz it wasn't made 25 years earlier or with pixel graphical toys. feels like step backward with no charubs or vagaruy or gravity gun or vehiclez. confusing calling it new doom when theres a website newdoom.


Doom 64 is fps metroid with scares. DoomGuy Aran. makes sense when u think

Edited by geo

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doom: I like it but I find it a bit tiring to play. I find that they give you rocket launchers, plasma guns, and especially BFG9000s a lot but never actually give you decent incentives to use them. I dunno if I ever fired the BFG once during my UV pistol start runs.


ultimate doom: e4's a mixed bag but I like the early levels. It serves as an okay indicator that you can get some fun out of the things Doom 1 gives you. (I gave shoutouts to things like NEIS in another thread like this, which take this much further)


doom II: pretty great! Some weird levels but I think its really fun overall. Also much more challenging in cases like UV pistol starts compared to Doom 1.


TNT: Someone slapped a price sticker on a fairly typical early TC. I liked it, but I think the levels are a bit ugly. If anything the biggest crime is that not that much actually stood out to me.


Plutonia: A set of sadistic brothers decided Doom wasn't hard enough, so they took what the game gives them and morphed them into a wondrous experience. It turns out a large number of people (including me, to a certain extent) liked this sort of thing, as it remains one of my most fond Doom experiences to date. How much of the modern more difficult maps I like kinda varies (I don't have much interest in top-tier Doom play), but Plutonia is just right for me.


Doom 64: Really pretty levels, great music, but sadly the devs had to cut some of the best bits of Doom II from it. The sense of atmosphere is great though and they're able to make do with what they do have okay enough.


Doom 3: I can honestly confidently say that there wasn't anything in Doom 3 that truly scared me (and this isn't a boast, I honestly frighten incredibly easily), but it was okay. The atmosphere of a fucked up environment that's mostly functional, but everyone's gone and everything's being corrupted is a nice one to me.


Doom IV: Really freaking fun. Somewhat different game feel compared to vanilla doom, but it works out. I like how the level design was abstract in a much different manner than the original Doom, where much more mundane but familiar elements are thrown about the environment, but the layout itself still makes no goddamned sense at all.

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Doom reminds me of my childhood when I used to be surrounded by wonderful, entertaining videogames. The theme is not my favourite style of game though, but I also have a soft spot for overcoming my fears, and I used to be scared of monsters when I was a kid. Even several years ago when I sat down and decided to complete the first official Doom episodes (Ultimate Doom and Doom II), the mid-tier enemies seemed huge and spooky to me, and don't even make me say what I thought about the bosses. But I won, they never scared me again and now what scares me is that I became a little addict to the game... Anyway, the only versions I played so far are the PC and PSX ones. Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, all of them are awesome in their own way, don't have a favourite one to be honest. I've never tried Doom 64 or Doom 3 or 4 or any other console versions.  


Specifically answering your question about Thy Flesh Consumed, I have mixed views on it. As I've never completed the first map with 100% everything, it was always an exhausting welcome to the episode. Then there are a few maps that I really like and others that are just ok. But overall it always felt like an episode that started upside down. 

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I pretty much play all the Doom games at least once a year.

Doom episode 1 is the best thing Doom related there is IMO.

Doom 2 can be fun, it has a number of levels I dread playing and usually just skip though.

Doom 64 is great; the only complaint I have about it at all is that I wish the weapons had better animations, but that's easily fixed with custom wads.

I like Doom 3. I liked the wait and hype for it, I liked reading magazines and online articles about it, I liked the E3 trailer and alpha leak, and I enjoy playing Doom 3 and the expansion annually. There was a mystique to it and it combined with my hype for Half-Life 2 fueled half my time in school. They came out right when I was a freshman in high school.

Doom '16 will also likely join the annual play session; eventually I'll beat Ultra Nightmare


I share a birthday with the original Doom; it came out on my fourth birthday and I played the shareware not too long after it released (took a while to figure out you have to open the door to get out of the first room of E1M1) and I've been in love with the series ever since. Even at it's worst I still find enjoyment.

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7 hours ago, YukiRaven said:

Doom 2016 is a flaming piece of shit that doesn't feel like Doom.

90 percent of the complaints I've seen about Doom 2016 is that its "Not Doom 1 werz mah MIDI and sprites!".


I mean it has Demons in space being killed by an angry Killing Machine who can carry 8 weapons and survive a rocket to the face.

The gameplay is fast and there is an exploration factor.

That's Doom. If your looking for Doom 1 play Doom 1.

Doom 2016 a great game regardless. I mean I would rather play Doom 2016 rather than suffer through TNT: Evilution again.

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Ultimate DOOM is classic. Timeless. Nothing really needs to be said because it has all been said already.

DOOM 2 introduces more monsters and the SSG, which is a big +1. Though nowadays I lack the patience to play its ugly maps.

NRFTL was really enjoyable, if a bit short.

Final DOOM TNT is okay at first, but quickly degrades into shit.

Final DOOM Plutonia is okay if you're in the mood for it.

DOOM 64 is okay level wise but I can't stand a lot of the art.


DOOM 3 is fucking boring. Total snooze fest. I think it shares some issues I had with Quake 2/4. Hate it.

ROE is more of the same. Except this time we get a HL Gravity Gun reject. ZzZzZz...

Never beat Lost Missions, got sick of slogging through this bullshit game. Didn't keep my interest.


DOOM '16 was very enjoyable. Very fast, violent, and loud. The grappling was excellent for the platforming, the glory kills are just fast enough that they didn't annoy me, the length was good, and overall I just had a blast sitting down with it and blowing away demons. I want to go back and get the extras and secrets 100%. Great engine too. SnapMap is meh though, nothing will beat actual TOOLS.

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Doom = Doom 2 = one of the very best games ever. Other entries: maybe they're good, maybe they're bad, but I can look at one screenshot and know that I'm not interested because there is almost no connection to the game that I love.

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3 hours ago, jazzmaster9 said:

90 percent of the complaints I've seen about Doom 2016 is that its "Not Doom 1 werz mah MIDI and sprites!".



No one says this. 

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Ultimate Doom was like a scifi action thriller for me.


Doom 2 was like an action horror film for me.


Doom 64 was like a horror-focused action movie.


Doom 3 didn't feel like Doom to me.  It as more like a generic scifi survival horror game with a Doom logo slapped onto it.  It isn't bad.  Just not what I expect when I think of Doom.


Doom 2016 is a breath of fresh air compared to other modern games of the genre.  I enjoyed it, but I don't find it to be very replayable.  Biggest gripe...no MIDI or sprites.

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51 minutes ago, Mr. Freeze said:


No one says this. 

I was obviously exagerating.

But the main complaint is that it itsn't EXACTLY like Doom 1. I mean Doom 1 is its own thing, lets keep it that way.

I like that Doom 2016 wasn't just a rehash of UD.

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In the order I like them, from what I've played so far:


Doom 1: My favourite game of all time. Everything is for me as it should have been. I love the music, the levels are well designed and a whole lot memorable and the enemies are fun to face. If a game can reach completion, then Doom 1 is that game. 

I have played Thy Flesh Consumed only once, but I didn't seem to have any trouble with it, though I used saves and played it on HMP (going to replay it sometime, since on my second Ultimate Doom playthrough, I only did the first 3 episodes on UV).


Doom 2: The best sequel to the best game ever. Some may say: <<if it ain't broke, don't fix it>>, but id software did exactly the opposite. They added new demons (Hell Knights and Arch-viles are my favourites), a new weapon, a new boss and ramped-up difficulty. And is the game terribly unbalanced or unenjoyable, due to those changes??? Short answer: <<HELL NOOO!>>  In fact, its gameplay is its biggest strength and having not seen a game like it, after all these years, tells something about today's gaming industry.

The SSG for me, can be somewhat overrated, but it can also kill Pinkies in one shot or many Imps at once, which is satisfying to watch, so I will not talk more about it, nor do I hate it. I just find it a bit meh.

My main problem with this game is the aesthetical part of it (HANG ON A SEC, I am not a graphics whore). Some levels can be pretty ugly and I wouldn't normally mind, but having better looking levels in Doom 1 than Doom 2 is inexcusable to me. Ok, I know they made the game in a year's time, but they could take their time with it, after having added all those things. Still, good job id! You did a miracle.

The music on the other hand, is just good and I prefer more Doom 1's soundtrack, but Doom 2's still has some great tracks.

Finally, it has continuous support by the community, which makes it timeless, although it was already, just like Doom 1.


TNT Evilution: Even though I have played the first few levels only, it has a GREAT SOUNDTRACK (Death's bells in Map4 Wormhole anyone???), the levels are enjoyable, it provides the player with decent challenge at that point and I will have to finish it someday. Once I finish it, I will see if I will keep it in the same position (probably).


Doom 3: From the little I played of it, it can be a really scary game in the beginning (I am not that brave in horror games) and even later on, when you get better guns, like the shotgun and the machine gun, it has suspense. Plus it is the first Doom game I have ever played, so it is special for me, but the other games I placed above it in my list, are better in my opinion.


Not yet played: No rest for the living, Plutonia, Doom 64, Doom 2016 (when I will get a proper pc, it will be the first thing I try on it, besides using Opengl in source ports)


That's all folks!

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Still my favorite in the series to this date. The levels are small to medium sized, which makes them very memorable and fun to play. Some of the maps can feel downright claustrophobic, which I don't think is a bad thing at all, since this only adds to the creepy-factor. They focused more on level-flow, which I think makes this perfect. The weapons, while there aren't that many, feel balanced and I feel like all the weapons in the first Doom serve a somewhat unique purpose.


Ultimate Doom:
I'll admit that episode four wasn't my favorite of the bunch. However, they still included a couple of very memorable maps in this, like Perfect Hatred and Against Thee Wickedly (my personal favorites of the episode).

Doom 2:
I'll be honest here, I don't share the popular opinion that Doom 2 is the best Doom game. To me, Doom 2 more or less promoted the negative stereotype of Doom being "just a mindless shooter" (and subsequently became the justification for the trending "slaughtermaps"). I love the super shotgun, which I think is a great addition, but the levels get tedious so quickly that I can't help but turn the game off as soon as I reach some of the later levels. Sandy Petersen is not a bad designer and I think the stuff he made for the first Quake is probably his best work for id Software. However... I have to be honest here: His levels are just so bland. Yes, they're open, but they're not memorable at all and they drag on forever. Where the level design in the first Doom felt creative and inspired, Doom 2's later levels feel hastily slapped together to meet a deadline.

Doom 3:
I think most people view this game as a tech demo, more or less. While this might be true, I think it's hard to deny the influence of the first Doom within Doom 3. There's no super shotgun, and the game went back to the claustrophobic atmosphere that marked the original. The horror influences are more pronounced this time around, but it never goes as far to become a true survival horror game and still keeps the gameplay action-focused. The ending is definitely disappointing to me, but I was never felt like I was wasting my time playing it. It's a good game for just one playthrough at the very least. Some Doomers might be offended because of the strong horror-influences, but to me it felt perfectly natural. Doom has always been action-horror themed after all, so Doom 3 has always been another side of the same coin to me.


Doom 4 (or Doom 2016):
I think most people who follow this board know my opinion on this subject, so I'll keep it short; this is not a Doom game to me. The gameplay feels more in touch with a mod like Brutal Doom than anything else, and the new team at id Software dumbed down the game immensely by turning all the enemies into health-fountains to make sure the player never runs out of health. The Doom marine is no longer a lonely human marine fighting a hopeless battle against foes from another dimension. No; he's a super-natural deity made to kill, and the prophecy has foretold that he will vanquish all of hell's demons... In short, he's a Mary Sue.
No, this is not my type of Doom game.

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Doom 2 was the best, simply because without it there wouldn't be any of my favorite fan-made megaWADs!


TBQH, I didn't care much for Doom 1 when I played it, and I still don't. Doom 2 was much better -- I played through it twice, but that was enough for me. It was just not much of a challenge (to be fair, I was save-scumming and not pistol-starting, so maybe some of the levels would be more challenging if I tried to play them "legit"). I found the Scythe series so much more satisfying... I also much prefer to play a WAD blind, so I'm glad that there's a virtually unlimited supply of them to play! :-D

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In order from most favorite to least.


Doom: No game before or since has ever given me such a sense of perfection and bliss as this one did when I first played it. Obviously, age takes its toll, but this is still a fun game and I love the setting to death.


Doom 2: More Doom, but with well-designed new enemies that increase the challenge and the iconic Super Shotgun (although it's OP compared to the other guns). Used to be pleased with it having the same graphics and gameplay formula, though I didn't like the maps as much for some reason and I always felt the music was inferior and less hard-hitting compared to that in Doom. I've since grown a little more sour about the fact that it's basically a glorified expansion pack to Doom with no real changes in the basic formula, but it's still a great game with superior moddability compared to the first game.


Doom 2016: This is basically the Doom update I always wanted. Id Software finally decided to update the gameplay formula they'd been reusing ad diarrheum since Doom, while still keeping it basically Doom. It has some flaws, some really annoying ones too, and some of the cool features (upgrade challenges) sometimes feel like they get in the way, but generally, this game is so much fun and feels great, and all the returning weapons feel right, even if the shotguns technically do less damage compared to the original, they still have that feeling of being really powerful.

I'm one of those (perhaps rare) weirdos who never considered 1993 Doom to be a "scary game", because I was too lost in the idea of being a one-man-army badass who could effortlessly defeat superior numbers of Demonic enemies. Sure, you wouldn't want to underestimate the baddies, but through most of the game, you were kicking their asses, so the feeling I always took away from it, was that Nightmares were scared of me in this game, not the other way around.

Well, this is the feeling Doom 2016 captured perfectly, and for me, it feels so right, so Doom. The game genuinely surprised me with how much it felt like a "true" Doom game. It may inadvertently have soured my attitude to reboots of other games for not being "faithful" enough to their respective sources.


Ultimate Doom: Someone decided to re-release Doom with a tacked-on episode with the same weapons, enemies and music (and a "plot" so idiotic it feels out of place). I would rate it lower if it wasn't because it's basically the first game with a little more content.


Doom 64: Having never played the actual Doom 64, my opinions are based on Doom 2 TCs that captured the essence of this game. Didn't like it initially. Too much quake about it, which is to say, bleaker colour palette, ambient music (seriously, absolutely NO aggro music in a Doom game O_o), which I used to consider boring and repetitive ("Where's the action?"), no break-barrel SSG animation or the classic over-the-top pump-action animation for the combat shotgun, which I considered to be a nearly unbearable loss of a vital feature. Like watching a bad kung-fu action flick where the fight choreography is devoid of the really impressive, artistic moves.

I've grown fonder of this title over the years, though. While I still think the absence of more aggressive, dramatic music is an anathema to Doom (refer to my comment on Doom 2016 about being something nightmares fear), the ambient music is masterfully crafted and creates a very hellish atmosphere. The gameplay is faithfully Doom, and while I prefer many of the sounds from the earlier PC titles, a few of them I actually like a good deal. Many of the technical advances such as dart traps and scrolling skies were stolen by Quake and I did not get to play a Doom 64 game since quite a few years after Quake came out, so it took me a while to appreciate the innovation put into this game.

Overall, this is an interesting little Doom game, with some very memorable qualities.


Doom 3: I used to love this game. It's Doom as far as it having demons in it based on classic Doom demons, the UAC, classic Doom weapons, playing as a space marine wearing a green combat outfit with ridiculous sleeveless armour.

I think it's an interesting alternate take on a Doom game that focuses more of a horror experience, while not entirely killing the feeling of you being a badass capable of effectively fighting back the powers of Hell.

It did not feel like a classic Doom game, but I wasn't expecting it to.

I did like the flashlight mechanic, because the gameplay effect on creating tension wasn't lost on me, and considering that our Space Marine friend wears sleeveless armour on Mars (and no helmet), the lack of duct tape didn't faze me.

I did try to play through this game in anticipation of Doom 2016, but gave up because I got bored with it (and frustrated), as it does feel rather samey - obviously, whatever spark made me enjoy this game back in the day has burned out now, it seems.


Doom 3 Ressurection of Evil: It has the Double-barrelled shotgun, yay. It had a somewhat tacky story, poorly written audio-logs that completely lost the atmosphere of the ones in vanilla Doom 3, it had a gravity gun, which I cared little for and the new monsters were, in a practical sense, just souped-up versions of existing Doom 3 ones, nay.

It did have a little more action than the vanilla game, so I guess it was ok enjoyable, but I never found myself playing this game as much as I'd have preferred for a game I spent money on.


Final Doom (Plutonia/TNT): Yay, two megawads of Doom 2, but you had to pay money for them... -_-

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Is it me? Or does it seem like the demons in DOOM 4 seem slower, and not as intelligent looking as the ones in DOOM 1/2? The gameplay doesnt seem as fast as the originals. Still like DOOM 4 though

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