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What's your opinion about the Doom games?

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2 minutes ago, Doomkid said:

doom 2016 can't melt steel beams.

doom 2016 can't be fought.

doom 2016 can't be sought.

oh well wherever.

wherever you are.

doom 2016 gonna getcha no matter how far!

doom 2016 wants you for dead!

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My opinion in a nutshell, they're all great, love all of them. Particularly the ones by id, Doom3 even blew me away at the time.


(Doom64 is cool too, just not as interesting to me as the id games. Feels like a mid-point of Doom and Quake, the level design overall doesn't grab me as much though.)


Quake rules by the way, we all know this, it is practically in the Doom series. It deserves love in every thread. And off topic, if anybody in this topic hasn't played Duke Nukem 3D, you may want to check that out. I know I'm 21 years late on this recommendation, John Romero loves it though.

At this point I think Duke 3D and Quake's textures should just be included as a standard package everybody uses with Doom Builder. These textures have been used plenty, but I want them used even more. But I digress.


Doom 2016 really delivered the goods for me, lived up to my high expectations. Best new FPS game in many years, hope other devs take cues from it.



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I was eight years old in 1993 when Doom originally came out. My older brother had introduced to me this FPS which we spent countless hours blasting baddies with shotguns and mowing demons down with a chainsaw. Our sister, the elder sibling, watched on with disapproval shaking her head. The on-screen demon combat, the sound of war, the satanic imagery, the rocking soundtrack provided by Bobby Prince really pulled me and formed an obsession which carries onto this very day. Then Doom II came out and once again I was amazed. 32 new levels which offer lots of exploration. The iconic double barrel shotgun, the debut of even worse monstrosities who were more than capable of reducing you into hamburger meat if you weren't careful. However, over the years, I find myself disliking Doom II. My main complaints are the maps themselves, they feel rushed and unpolished. 


By the time 1995 came around I was a PlayStation fan, and still am to this very day. And Doom had been ported to the PlayStation console. I was once again totally blown away by this incarnation of Doom, in fact, I was outright terrified. The cold desolate moonbase of Phobos and Deimos had taken on a more gloomy and foreboding appearance. The lighting, the sfx, the delightfully haunting ambient score proved by Aubrey Hodges really pulled me in. I had been dragged to depths of hell that I didn't know existed.


My opinion about Final Doom is this, I think there is a lot good and bad mixed in both TNT and Plutonia. I prefer the PSX version of Final Doom because it's a collection of some of the best maps from it, plus the Master Levels. Although I will say that I think Plutonia makes for a better Doom II. (Yes I'm aware the mappers based their works on many Doom II maps). 


I had first learned of Doom 64 through GamePro. 1997 was an interesting year for me, but my main obsession was getting my hands on this newest Doom. The first time I played Doom 64 was at this locally owned and operated movie/video game place. I asked if I could try out Doom 64. I popped the cartridge into the N64 console and watched the opening title sequence and felt my heart racing. Soon I started a new game and found myself in the Staging Area holding a pistol. The long forgotten relay station on Mars was no longer abandoned, instead it was infested with eldritch demon horrors from beyond the stars. To my left and to my right were the reanimated remains of my fallen comrades who were now thirsty for my blood. I quickly put them out of their misery, but the gunfire drew the attention of more undead soldiers. Quickly dispatching them with the shotgun I found on the floor I stopped and listened for any more wheezing sounds of the undead. All I could hear was the haunting ambiance provided once again by Aubrey Hodges, whose work has found it's way into my heart.  Soon a hidden maintenance door zipped upwards and a wet, snuffling, gurgling roar emitted from behind me. I spun around and was ambushed by the familiar bullpig demon who seemed even more terrifying now. Needless to say it gnawed my face off. Soon I found myself going home with my very own copy of Doom 64. I think nowadays Doom 64 is my favorite of the bunch for a multitude of reasons.


When it comes to the Newfangled Doom, I have to say that I adore these games. Yes they're different from their progenitors but so what? To me they still capture what made the originals so great. I think Doom 3 is a great game, to me it feels like running through a haunted mansion which I love! And Doom 2016 is like Doom 3 on steroids with a special focus on the action.


Overall the Doom series is long lived and will continue into the future in one form or another. The series has earned a special place in my heart it will keep that spot.

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 Fast gameplay, kickass guns, a horror game, great level design, running faster than a fucking cheetah, and great enemy design, and modding the fucker is  super easy, what more could you ask for in a game?


On ‎12‎.‎06‎.‎2017 at 0:21 PM, KVELLER said:

You can praise anything you want about the original Doom enemies, but don't tell me that they were smart. Their AI just tells them to go in a straight line towards the player.

ehh, in my opinion  that's better than them running away from you...

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In all honesty, I love Doom 2016 and Ultimate Doom the same, I mean sure, 2016 has the worst multiplayer and ok mapping capabilities, but that single player campaign is exactly what I want out of a doom game. Besides, I really don't play doom for multiplayer at all anyway. Plus, Ulimate Doom did remove some features from Doom 2 that I kinda liked.


I won't talk about Doom 3 though, as that one bored me to death trying to marathon it on Veteran.

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2 hours ago, CzechMate29200 said:

ehh, in my opinion  that's better than them running away from you...

Maybe, but that wasn't my point. I was just pointing out how basic their AI is.

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I like all Doom games I've played, but I'm not sure which one is my favourite.


Thy Flesh Consumed is fine, it's challenging, I like that. But as I said in another topic, it has a bad map placement (the first maps are the hardest).


I liked Doom 3 a lot, but it's so different from the classic games, that I think it should've had a different name.


I haven't played Doom '16 yet.


Doom 64 is great game which not only retained all the classic Doom features (unlike Doom 3), but also is scarier than the PC games. It should've been called Doom 3 instead. Even story-wise it's a sequel to Doom 2, not a remake.

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I like them enough to not want to ever know how much time I spent playing them\modding\on their forums. I'd get a heart attack from the gigantic number!

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