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I also write classical music (of course)

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Hey so I don't think I've shared anything about these yet over here! As well as writing a bunch of doom midis (and branching into tracking, chiptune etc)

I thought I might share some live recordings of actual concert pieces that I've written! (As a side note, I am one of the performers in every one of these recordings!)

Aviary (wind band, 5:30)

'Aviary' is a work I wrote for my university's wind ensemble, whose conductor had wanted me to write something for years. I tried to explore as much tonal and textural colour as I could. Live recording from April of this year.


Three Sketches for Two Marimbas (marimba duet, 5:40)

A few years ago I wanted to write something for a percussion ensemble I played in, but writing something for everybody turned out to be difficult so I decided to start small and just write a duet. This was the first piece I ever wrote for live performance, and I kept it fairly simple, with three short movements each exploring a different musical idea. Live recording from nearly two years ago. (I'm playing the marimba part which starts off the first and the third movements)


Amazing Grace (handbell ensemble, 2:44)
Yes, handbell ensembles are a thing, and my university has one, and I played with them during 2016. I wrote this piece for them. Live recording from a year ago.

A not so live recording: Country Walk (wind quintet, 6:00)
Not performed yet because I only finished writing it last week, so here's the Sibelius audio output. Written for a newly formed wind quintet at my university, hopefully will be performed in September.

I am also in the progress of writing a saxophone quartet and a flute duet at the moment.
If you'd like to support me in my expensive venture across to Scotland to study composition further (I've never formally studied composition before!) you can contribute here. Any small amount is appreciated :)


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this is great, I liked very much how you write. I wish I had someone to play live what I write too, so good for you :)

the performance is very neat too. This kinda made me wanna go back to write music (Y)

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