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SFX volume oddity

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So in Dimension of the Boomed, I'm making use of ambient sounds via MBF dehacked. However, I created some DECORATE code to make the WAD compatiable with Zandronum 2.1.2, and everything seems to work fine, except for one particular SFX.


In GZDoom it plays back as it should and fades with distance, but in Zandronum and ZDoom this one particular SFX plays at full volume through out the whole map.




dog/active            dsdgact
dog/attack            dsdgatk
dog/death            dsdgdth
dog/pain            dsdgpain
dog/sight            dsdgsit



ACTOR AmbientMarsh replaces ColonGibs
    Radius 16
    Height 32
    RenderStyle "None"
        POB1 A 215 A_PlaySound ("dog/death")


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Well I fixed it.


Since the AmbientMarsh actor the last entry in the decorate lump, on a whim I moved all the Ambient SFX code from the bottom of the decorate lump to the top, and it started working... o.O

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7 minutes ago, Graf Zahl said:

Weird. Which version of ZDoom did you use? 2.8.1?



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