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DMXOPL progress thread

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Since this is forever a work in progress because I'm that much of a perfectionist apparently, I thought I'd place some test runs of the patch. It's come a long way since I was able to streamline the process in March.

The first one is T-Square - Sweet Sorrow. The Sax lead has already been redone, and sounds even better than this attempt.


The 2nd is a song from the first level of Super Mario Galaxy. Because of the high number of program changes, the simulation kept "popping", not much I can do about that.


Third is YuleTide by Stewboy. I'll keep posting new ones as I test them, because some of these are quite good....




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Every song has some kind of oldschool-feeling because of the instruments. Nice work!


Intro of the third one reminds me on Dire Dire Docks. Then it turns into Genesis-like music. 1:00 Castlevania-reference? :D I guess there are more references, I can't recognize. I like this song :)

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Nice! I suppose you can stop calling your releases "final" since they never really are. :P That's actually a good thing, realizing this to its fullest potential is very much worth doing.

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It's likely that I'll never be satisfied. I keep finding things to tweak. Which is better for everyone since this thing keeps getting better as a result :p

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