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Wild ideas in good maps that were perhaps too wild

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I know this is similar to the bad maps in good wads topic but I think it warrants its own fun thread.  I remember playing the otherwise excellent Mandrill Ass Project (which is a wild name by the way) and at one point you had to jump from... um, surfboards.  Yeah that's right, you jumped from surfboard to surfboard on the cybersea of Doom while dodging imp fireballs.  Please understand that I can't even handle stationary jumping puzzles 90% of the time let alone jumping from fucking speeding surfboards on the ocean!  I couldn't even finish this wonderful, wacky wad though I really wanted to.  What wad or map did you play that most stands out in your mind as too wild?  Way way too wild.  We know how modders and wadders can be.  Bless em :D



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Great topic. What comes to my mind immediately is Void by Mike "Cyb" Watson. That map had such great style and atmosphere, but also annoying jumping puzzles and surprise crushers (ugh). The thing is, those less fun elements fit with the overall fantastic aesthetic of the map in a certain way, but didn't really make for engaging gameplay imho.

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20 hours ago, Big Ol Billy said:

What comes to my mind immediately is Void by Mike "Cyb" Watson.

I second that. Void is awesome, and I loved it! But the jumping, please have mercy... I died so many times :p

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