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Scared actors and spawns.

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I have managed to make some actors run away from the player when you punch them, or if they get hit by gunfire. Which is fine, violence towards them making them scared is what I want. But how do I make them run away when you actually fire the weapon? Like the sound of the weapon makes them run off? These actors aren't going to be placed in the map, but rather spawned. So as you move about the map they show up around you and hopefully despawn when you get far enough away.



O.K, figured it out. Using A_LookEx. Now it's just spawns.



And with some tweaking to make the animation less jagged.


So I tried making a spwner with the myspawner object, but I couldn't figure out how to make it spawn continuously, it wouldn't recognise the loop command. So I then made a different item for the spawner, but made it more like a traditional monster and it half works, it will periodically spawn the pedestrian every now and then. But I don't know how to make it only spawn them when the player is near it, or if the spawner sees the player. Because I don't want an indefinite amount being spawned when you aren't in that area. I tried giving it a_look but it crashes the program. I thought a_look would make it see the player then spawn a pedestrian as opposed to just spawn them, but it crashes so I can't tell. I get a few feet away from it, then it'll crash out, I remove the a_look and no crashes occur. I could try again with a_lookex.


This works, if I go behind this object it stops spawning them. Sweet.

I know the pedestrian had 15048 too, it is now 15049

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