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Create your own super band and then describe their sound

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I was having a conversation with a coworker today about who would be in our perfect band.


You can have members from any band, living or deceased, from any era.  Example, I can pick Ronnie James Dio from the Dehumanizer era or Tom Araya from the Seasons in the Abyss era.  However, you cannot pick musicians that have ever been involved in the same band as any other member in your lineup.  So you couldn't have Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield in your lineup.  


My band would consist of:


Rhythm Guitar: James Hetfield (Current Era will do)

Lead Guitar: Dimebag Darrell (Vulgar Display of Power era)

Bass Guitar: Geezer Butler (Any era will do)

Drums: Dave Lombardo (Seasons in the Abyss era)

Vocalist: Warrel Dane (First two Sanctuary albums era)


I chose Hetfield as rhythm guitarist because he is a phenomenal riff writer, lyricist, and can also provide backing vocals if needed.


I chose Dime as lead guitar because...well...fucking Dime.  His blues mastery would go well with Hetfields rhythm playing and Geezer's gloomy lyrics.


I chose Geezer butler for his skill on the bass and his phenomenal lyric writing.


I chose Dave Lombardo because he is my favorite Slayer drummer, and because I couldn't choose Bill Ward.


I chose Warrel Dane because I loved his work, especially on those first two Sanctuary albums.  He has a very haunting voice which I think would pair well with the gloomy lyrics and bluesy playing of Dime.



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Rhythm Guitar: Lance Bass

Bass Guitar: Cher

Drums: Madonna

Lead Vocals: Paula Abual


I just want to watch the world burn.

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Rob Halford on vocals, Lemmy on bass (which is kind of more than a bass with Lemmy), and he'd have vocals on some tracks, Yoshiki from X-Japan on drums (and piano on occasion), a twin guitar attack of Randy Rhoads and Euroboy, and they could trade off on lead/rhythm at times, and top it off with Tait Nucleus on the synthesizer/keys. And guest solos by Dime because we can. (and he did do that for Anthrax on several 90s/2000s albums)


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My "super band" would be called " The Flamboyant Testicles and The Picnic Penis" and would have a quirky heavy metal industrial sound.


Vocals: Maynard James Keenan (Era doesn't matter)
Guitar: Scott Putesky (Portrait Era)
Bass: Simon Gallup (Disintigration Era)
Keyboards, Additional guitars: Trent Reznor (The Fragile Era)
Drums: Ginger Fish (Era Doesn't matter)


Maynard had to be the voice for this monstrous creation. I couldn't imagine any one else being it. The band's image would come from him of course.


Scott Putesky is one of my favorite guitarists. He has such an odd musical style which sounds like punk and surfer rock infused with industrial or heavy metal. Plus he uses a lot of sweet guitar feedback techniques when he plays in the studio.


Simon Gallup is a fabulous bassist. He makes some of the most kick ass and memorable bass lines within The Cure's discography. Letting Simon create a bass line to go over Scott's wacky Guitar riffs would be awesome to hear.


Reznor is fucking awesome. Period. If he stuck with making music, or specifically the sound effects and atmosphere, it would add so much to the impact of the music. Listen to some of The Fragile instrumentals especially from deviations 1.


I wasn't too concerned about who the drummer was. All I really cared about was if they could pull something off well or not. Ginger was great drummer in Manson and Zombie and I think would be a perfect fit.

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Lars Ulrich - rhythm guitar

Janis Joplin - cocaine hand-mirror

Mos Eisley Cantina band - wind instruments

Bill Ward - percussion

Robert Plant - tambourine

Ozzy Osbourne - harmonica

Lead Belly - lead guitar

Kurt Cobain - syringe

Al Gore - backup vocals

Nikola Tesla- disc jockey  

Grace Slick - vocals




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Devin Townsend - lead vocals

Joe Duplantier - guitar & backing vocals

John Petrucci - guitar

Conner Green - bass

Alex Rüdinger - drums

Richard Barbieri - keyboards


Sound: the ultimate mashup of their respective styles to create the best progressive metal imaginable.

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Oh, this sounds like the fantasy football shit that I used to play. I dig.


Tony Kakko - Vocal 1

Benjamin Sotto - Vocal 2

Nina Osegueda - Vocal 3

Henrik Klingenberg (pre-Unia era) - Keyboard/Backing vocal

Luca Trulilli - Guitar

Kai Hansen (Helloween's Wall of Jericho era) Guitar

Daniele Carbonera - Drum

Oliver Holzwarth - Bass


Sound: Neo Classical/Power metal.



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Ten Inch Tacks. They sound just like Nine Inch Nails, but their shirts are more acceptable to wear around people.

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Musicians from any era, any band.


Create six proxy bands filled with random real life people but each had one of the selected as musicians with their own instrument each. CHECK.


Pick those six real life people. CHECK.


Ha! Hacked your question!


I sayeth my perfect band would be named "Unknown Artist", and it's genre would be electronic spiritual opera, with a sparkle of nu metal.



- Bobby Prince as the lead vocalist (" youve gotta eat your vegetables...")

- Tom Hanks operating the teremin and electronic stuff

- I myself grab a piano/organ

- My dog provides samples to Tom Hanks by howling, also in charge of providing realistic sounds of pain and misery as he fucks up the equipment

- Helen Keller (wo)mans the guitar

- and last but not least, Hadrian builds walls and makes the beat while doing so.


I am too un-serious at the moment. Please accept my apologies.

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logo by Adrian Carmack



John Romero - Vocals

John CarmackLead Guitar

American McGee Rhythm Guitar

Sandy Peterson Bass Guitar

Bobby Prince - Keyboards


Tom Hall on Drums


Their discography includes billboard charting records "Commander Keen" "Wolfenstein" and Platinum Seller "The Ultimate Doom". With their latest album "Quake" planned to be released next year in 1996, and will be produced by industrial rock god Trent Reznor.

Get Psyched!!

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3 hours ago, Eris Falling said:

jimmy: keyboard

me: bass

timeofdeath: guitar + drums (at the same time obv)

alfonzo: egg

I think my musical skills on the theremin could add a lot to the sound of this line-up. I can also play the weasel and the bazooka for added effect.

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The name of my super terrific band would be called The Blasted Heath. It would sound like NIN/Skinny Puppy/Ministry/Arcturus with vocals provided by the late great Christopher Lee.

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it'd be bjork, blixa bargeld and me doing ambient tracker beats, blixa would write poetry and do his insane inhaled squealy screams, plus hold down individual electric guitar notes for like twenty seconds at a time, bjork would compose and sing like the angel she is & i would add goat noises to all the songs

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