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15 hours ago, Ribbiks said:

Some are good, some are bad, some are just ok.

...that quote :D


just played the first 3 maps and so far  i'm having a blast....

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bwahaha how horrendous. I've heard that happen before, in this case my guess is that depending on the midi setup, the particular instrument that inappropriately continues indefinitely was supposed to automatically fade out, regardless of "sustain" flag being on/off. fwiw it plays back fine for me, sorry you had to endure that :)

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48 minutes ago, loveless said:

I had that happen, too.  I'm using portmidi in prboom+, what are you using Ribbiks?


snd_midiplayer            "sdl"
snd_soundfont             "TimGM6mb.sf2"
snd_mididev               ""

bearing in mind that I'm on os x, so not sure if these config settings translate to anyone else.


that's a shame though, that midi is bangin'



16 minutes ago, Glaice said:

The Demon/Vile map is just plain cruel.

it has a simple and reliable strat, I promise :)




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Somebody who knows what they are doing could probably edit the midi to fix that note. I know just enough to know it can be done, but nowhere near enough to actually be able to do it.

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