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Getting my Baseball Bat to work

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Hey all


I tried to extract the baseball bat from Urban Brawl into vanilla Doom 2. I took the code and the sprites, but obviously I'm not much of a programmer because I simply can't get it to work. I'd like for this to be a low-tier replacement/substitute for the chainsaw. A melee weapon the player can find, rather than something locked into the player class like Doom Guy's fists.


If anyone can look over the code and get it functioning properly, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Sorry, this isn't any help, but I read your title and thought, "Why does he want to take his baseball bat to work?" 

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Vanilla Doom doesn't support DECORATE. The current setup is for ZDoom based ports. Converting this to vanilla/Choco Doom chainsaw require dehacked engineering skills. The default chainsaw states are attached to it's sounds so just replacing the four original sprites won't work out well.


The other fixes are simple for ZDoom ports:

1) The sprites should go in between SS_START/SS_END headers. The sprites don't need to be included in TEXTURE1/PNAMES unless you want to use them as wall textures too. Some sprite offsets might need adjusting.


2) In decorate you'll get fried for having 0 tics as the total length of the whole Ready state section. Give it a value >0.

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thanks so much for your help, dl_simc! I now have the weapon working.


The ready sprite is off-center, but I can fix that pretty easily with some work, I remember doing it before.


There are no sounds when I use it, but I think that'll also be a fairly simple fix.


The pickup sprite kind of sinks into the floor, but that isn't a game-breaking issue.


Anyway, again, thanks so much! I was totally helpless until you set me straight.


EDIT: Got all the previously mentioned stuff fixed. I'll upload the completed, working baseball bat in this thread sometime later. I personally adore using this weapon and find it extremely satisfying.


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