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Awesome Deathmatch Map

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Today I got the chance to play a deathmatch level. Not just any deathmatch level. No, this one was full of ZDoom detail goodness, the kind very rarely seen these days.

From the start, it's definetly clear that the author is very skilled in level detail. Pipes climb the walls, and a glance up to the ceiling shows a metal ladder hanging in front of a door. Along the corridor, the pipes continue along the ceiling. You pass several blinking computer terminals on the wall, and in a pool of light cast by an electric lamp lies a Rocket Launcher. Continuing along the corridor you come to a stair case, which leads up to a small room containing a shotgun and some ammo.

As you return to the corridor, you notice the ceiling above the stairs. Here the author has used ZDoom's slopes to create a very nice effect. This is one of my favourite parts of the map. Down the stairs and out leads to an outdoor area. As soon as you step outside, you notice movement across the ground, as an elevator lowers. You rush over to the elevator just in time to catch it as it rises to a small, oddly shaped platform. Up here you find a plasma gun and some ammo.

From this lookout point you can see the whole area. Just below you, there is an armour suit on a small rocky hill. To your left is a small pool of nukeage, and diving into it you find an invisibility powerup. As you climb out of the pool, you see a metal crate suspended above you. The detail in this area is incredible, from the metal bars around the walls to the FCE logo beside the elevator.

The textures in this level are some of the best I've ever seen. They really suit the feel of this map. I think this is one of the best looking DM maps I've ever seen. But of course, it isn't all about looks.

Finding a Doom deathmatch partner can be quite difficult, but I eventually found someone to play this map with me. At first, they were awestruck with the detail in this map. Then we got down to some serious fragging ;)

The weapon placement is excellent. There's always a weapon close at hand, but at the same time the place isn't littered randomly with weapons. There is plenty of cover to hide from enemy fire, although once you're out in the open things get a bit hectic. One memorable moment for me, was when I was standing on the platform with the plasma gun on it and my opponent was just coming out of the building. He fired a rocket in my direction, but I managed to dodge it - just. I dived into the pool of nukeage just as a rocket exploded above me. Waiting for the right moment, I leapt out of the pool and sprayed the unfortunate bastard with white hot plasma. He didn't survive ;)

This map is perfect for one on one deathmatch. With any more it gets a bit messy. Like the saying goes, three's a crowd. The detail and textures are incredible, although don't get too distracted by the look of the map, make sure you avoid that rocket headed your way ;)


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wupass1.wad <-- my absolute favourite death match level ever.

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