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Favorite level in Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom?

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I like to get to know a little but about the people before me when joining a new forum. So I guess you could say that this thread is for selfish reasons ;-).

So what are your favorite levels in Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom?


Mine are:


Doom 1

E4M9 - Fear - because it's so chaotic in UV, and that's what makes it crazy fun to me. And also I like the level design. Music is awesome too.

E3M9 - Warrens - a very clever and well thought out map.


Doom 2

MAP29 - The Living End - I like the gigantic openness of this level. And that its a real challenge to beat in UV. Music is awesome also.

MAP23 - Barrels O' Fun - another unusual, challenging, and clever map. Music is the best out of Doom 2.


TNT: Evilution

MAP30 - Last Call - It is a very challenging and different level, mostly because of the telefragging death platforms. And it's waaayyyyy better than the final level of Doom/Doom 2

MAP04 - Wormhole - well thought out, took me FOREVER to figure it out


I don't have a favorite Plutonia Experiment level. The levels are so freakin hard that I just get pissed off and quit ;-)


Sorry if this type of thread has already been done

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E3M6 (Mt.Erebus) - Doom 1 - It just was something different from the previous Maps 


MAP28 (The Spirit World) - Doom 2 - I love this tiny gap which leads to the gigantic spider area


MAP07 (Caughtyard) - Plutonia - Can't really say I love this Map more then others but I always enjoyed playing it



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11 hours ago, ImpMan11203 said:

Sorry if this type of thread has already been done

This is the 4th one this month! :]

edit: I'm being semi-sarcastic, no need to apologise. :]


E2M7: Spawning Vats, there's so much beauty crammed into the oldest level of UDoom. Also E2M4: Deimos Lab.


MAP15: Industrial Zone, really cool level, somehow makes D_RUNNIN not annoying. Also MAP13: Downtown. The only really cool levels Doom 2 had were the city ones, as that is the only theme which wasn't done in UDoom and therefore hasn't been done better.


Played TNT only until MAP12, and even that was a long time ago. I think MAP10 was nice. Also that one level with a huge-ass room with hitscanners everywhere, that made me LOL.


Haven't played Plutonia.

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Doom: I like E1M4 because it's a very non-linear map, right from the start. I also like E2M2 because of the atmosphere it has, created by the music and the narrow corridors of boxes, with imps really eager to scratch your face. Oh! And E3M9 for confusing me ;)


Doom 2: I really like the music on this one, it freaked me out as a kid (I have to say that the name "Getting Too Tense" is very accurate). And I also like Invulnerability Spheres LOL.


I never played nor cared about Final Doom that much, so I don't even remember the levels the enough to pick a favorite.

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From Doom 1, my favourite map is E1M4. For some reason, it stays in my mind and I love it. I am not sure if it is the labyrinth, the swastika room, or the chaingun and imps room, that amaze me, but it is a nice map overall. Close seconds are E1M9 (because favourite song), E2M2 (huge map for an iWAD and great gameplay), E3M1 (simplistic yet awesome), E3M2 (it is a hand on the automap and that is enough), E3M6 (very open level with a lot of outdoors) and E3M9 (expanding E3M1's simplistic gameplay).


Doom 2: Map 12, Map 13 and Map 15 because city levels. If I could choose between those three, I would probably say Map 12, but don't ask me why. It just stays in my mind and so I like it.


Final Doom: Map 4 Wormhole (I talked about it enough already, so here I will only list it).

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Doom 1: This is a hard one because I like a bunch of maps but I'll pick E2M6 - Halls of the Damned. I like the music, I like the traps (especially the fake exit...HAHAHA), the way that you must clear the map by collecting all keys before exiting. Lots of monsters and fun gameplay.


Doom 2: Hmmm...Monster Condo - map 27 is one of my favorites. Challenging, clever traps, lots of powerups.


TNT: Map 04 - Wormhole......nothing to say here. Easily the most clever map ever.


Plutonia: OK. Plutonia is fun to play but I don't have a favorite one. However, some interesting ones are Abattoire (map 10), Hunted (map 11), Antichrist (map 27?) and of course, the "hardest map ever", Go 2 It.

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4 minutes ago, ImpMan11203 said:

it's kinda funny that no one here has a favorite level in The Plutonia Experiment :-)


*cracks knuckles*

Ultimate DOOM: E3M6 - Mt. Erebus, for being a great Sandy-box.

Doom II: MAP16 - The Suburbs, pretty much the same reason.
Plutonia: MAP18 - Neurosphere, because oh man it's like The Inmost Dens on coke or something.

TNT: nope.

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7 minutes ago, Jayextee said:

Plutonia: MAP18 - Neurosphere, because oh man it's like The Inmost Dens on coke or something.

I salute to you, sir! ;-)

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Just now, Jayextee said:

Ultimate DOOM: E3M6 - Mt. Erebus, for being a great Sandy-box.

Hehe... Sandy-box...

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Ultimate Doom: E4M3

Doom 2: The Crusher and Suburbs

Evilution: Shipping/Receiving

Plutonia: Map 32 -- Go 2 It (2nd Secret Level)

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Doom 1: E4M6. Sorry, a very predictable answer, but it's just so good. I love the classic theme of entering the castle through tiny passages, the insides of it are superb, and the author demonstrates so much excellence in understanding of architecture and everything. It's almost hard to believe the map was really made at that time.


Doom 2: MAP24. I can't possibly think of a more "Doom 2" level than this one. It's grand, experimental, acradey, strangely surreal, and actually quite interesting to figure out from pistol start. Don't expect me to praise the pit in the exit room though!


TNT: MAP17. I feel like it's Tom Mustaine's best work. The open layout with windows everywhere never allows you to feel truly safe, there is plenty of action, and the music is great.


Plutonia: MAP26. Plutonia is great, but in retrospective many of its maps look a bit lazy\rushed. This is one of the most notable exceptions, along with 23 and 29 I guess. I had to pick this one because it reminds me of E4M6 (again you jump down and enter the central structure through some tunnels) and overall it's just more neatly organized maybe.


I think picking favorite Plutonia level was the hardest because a lot of them are similar and don't stand out in my memory that much. Anyway, I might give a completely different answer about any of these on the next day.

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I will be my usual predictable self on this one.


Ultimate Doom

E1M3 & E1M7 -- These maps have similar strengths. They are a near-perfect melding of abstract and representational design with a strong focus on secret hunting. The secrets are often chained and sometimes loop around to other areas of the map so that they become adventures in themselves.

E4M2 -- Because sheer unsmiling brutality

E4M6 -- Because of everything Memfis said

Yes, I'm Romero's bitch. :D


Doom 2

Map03 -- Most people seem to look down on the American McGee maps, but I'm a huge fan. This map has tons of interesting features and sneaky secrets and was a major challenge when I first played it. Dem Chaingunners ate me alive and I had one helluva time figuring out how to deal with Spectres. :D

Map29 -- Oh my, Romero strikes again with perhaps the most architecturally ambitious map in either of the official Dooms, and on top of that it's nasty and brutal.


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Despite not playing it for quite some time, I have a crazy, unexplainable love towards River Styx, TNT MAP29.

Also, Bunker, Plutonia MAP26. You can tell I'm a sucker for liquid-tunnel setups.

Doom II. - MAP19, The Citadel. Ugly as heck, but its shitload of unmadatory exploration, the ditch around it and that Mystery Red Building (took months to figure how to get in) just give it away to me.

UD - E4M7 (And Hell Followed), but to admit, there isn't a single thing I can't adore in E4 in total. This one particular map wins the trophy in being so random and unexplainable sometimes that I simply grew fond of it.

Limiting to Registered Doom - E2M3, Refinery. Again the randomness and this time, the flatness as well. Don't know why, but about five different texture themes revisited by the same surface (CEIL3_5) is beyond charming in my book.

Last, but not least, Shareware Doom. This nomination goes to E1M4: Command Control. The crazy diversity and semi-linearity of this map, as well as some right-on-point design choices always drive me bananas. I suppose finding oneself "racekarting" all along in a single, cleared map for no any apparent reason tells literally everything.

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MAP29: Twilight Descends (PSX version)


Doom II


MAP13: Downtown

MAP16: Suburbs

MAP18: The Courtyard

MAP27: Monster Condo

MAP28: The Spirit World


TNT: Evilution


MAP04: Wormhole

MAP19: Shipping/Respawning

MAP20: Central Processing

MAP21: Administration Center




MAP28: The Sewers

MAP29: Odyssey of Noises

MAP32: Go 2 It



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Ultimate Doom: E2M6 - I love The Shores of Hell the most in the original Doom and E2M6 is pretty much the level that stands out to me the most. I love how there are three different areas to get the keycards and it really keeps me engaged with the traps and surprises.


Doom 2: MAP09 - I got to say, the map does highlight the best of Doom 2 to me in many ways, ranging from the high enemy count, the traps and tricks like the infamous Chaingunner closet, and just being a big map with plenty of secrets and rooms to explore. I guess my only gripes is that if you're playing a mod that enhances the enemies, especially the human enemies, well it might not be a good time but nonetheless, I enjoy the level.


Plutonia: MAP32 - Honestly I find most of the levels in Plutonia rather sloppy and forgettable despite some good level design, at least when you aren't facing Chaingunners all the time. But really, for something that can be summarized as an expanded Entryway with difficulty multiplied by a hundred, it really did show how soft I am.


TNT: MAP04 - One of the most clever Doom levels (As far as I know) I have ever seen, the level design is great with some of the best tricks of TNT being used here. The level is symmetrical with as if it were mirrored. Heck, you can finish the level early seeing that the exit is pretty much at the beginning, kind of slapping you on that you spent all your time killing enemies for nothing, well not really. The music pumps me up so really, this comes off as one of my favorite levels in all of Doom actually, which is surprising seeing that it's coming out of TNT of all IWADs.

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Map05: The Waste Tunnels is definitely my favorite Doom2 map. It's the most open, exploration-focused map McGee ever made, and visually it has this excellently spooky, earthy atmosphere which truly feels unique to Doom 2, and which I think the rest of the game fails to capture.

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I dont really like the urban levels of Doom 2 (Not talking bad about anyone that does like them). Dont get me wrong, they're fun to play. But they look nothing like what they're names say they are (MAP16, MAP13). MAP29 of Plutonia does a better job of making it more city-like though.

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Taken from here.



Favorite Map: Computer Station (E1M7)

Least Favorite: Refinery (E2M3)


-Doom II-

Favorite Map: Refueling Base (Map 10)

Least Favorite: Nirvana (Map 21)


-Master Levels-

Favorite Map: Vesperas

Least Favorite: Mephisto


-Final Doom-

Favorite Map: Ballistyx (TNT Map 26)

Least Favorite: Metal (TNT Map 08)

Favorite Map: Onslaught (Plutonia Map 10)

Least Favorite: Impossible Mission (Plutonia Map 22)


-Doom 64-

Favorite Map: Spawned Fear (Map 18)

Least Favorite: Terror Core (Map 11)


-Doom 3-

Favorite Map: Alpha Labs Sector 01

Least Favorite: EnPro Plant

Favorite Map: Phobos Lab Sector 02 (Resurrection of Evil)

Least Favorite: Erebus Level 01 (Resurrection of Evil)


-Doom 2016-

Favorite Map: Foundry (Mission 03: Meltdown)

Least Favorite: The UAC (Mission 01: Rip & Tear))

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9 hours ago, ImpMan11203 said:

But they look nothing like what they're names say they are (MAP16, MAP13).

Wwwwhat did you say, how dare you??????????

Your favourite E4M9 isn't particularly "fearsome" as well (is that an actual word?), but you don't seem to mind, double standards eh??

(I'm semi-sarcastic again)

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Ultimate Doom:

E3M6: Mt. Erebus - Grand open area with a lot of things to do. Kind of a big box with a lot of small boxes. Probably you can see this is an inferno downtown.


Doom 2:

Map08: Tricks and Traps - Most memorable from my childhood because of the starting room, and the Cyberdemon (because I played Doom 2 first).

Map19: The Citadel - Always a fan of castle-ish map.

Map29: The Living End - It's kind of difficult, and the opening scene is very impressive. It's the first time in Doom 2 you have to fight a Cyberdemon without helps if you want all the kills.


Plutonia: (can't really remember that much because I haven't actually finished it)

Map29: The Odyssey of Noises - Well, probably one of the most expected answer.

Map31: Cyberden - Time to practice your BFG ;P


TNT: Evilution:

Map18: Mill - I don't know why, probably because of one of my favorite TNT music.

Map20: Central Processing - Big map, another my favorite TNT music.

Map27: Mount Pain - I love this level so much, so I've done a UV -Fast run of it! (It's sarcastic.)


Master Levels:

Trapped on Titan - Big map with lots to do.

Black Tower - Except for the stuck Cacodemons, I love this level because of the "fake" feeling of ascending a tower from floor to floor.


Probably I would like castle maps and big maps. That's probably why I decided to run Community Chest Map29...

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e4m2 (on par with e4m6)


Doom 2:


Map 26 - The Abandoned Mines




Map 32 - Caribbean


I like all the maps of Plutonia so it's very hard to pick up one; if I have to choose let's say map 24, Final Frontier



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4 hours ago, bzzrak said:

Wwwwhat did you say, how dare you??????????

Your favourite E4M9 isn't particularly "fearsome" as well (is that an actual word?), but you don't seem to mind, double standards eh??

(I'm semi-sarcastic again)

though you are sarcastic, you have a good point. I'll just keep my mouth shut for now :-)

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Doom - E1M7 Computer Station; E3M2 Slough of Despair

Doom II - Either Map16: Suburbs; Map 27: Monster Condo; or Map 29: The Living End


I've played both Evilution and Plutonia through only a couple of times over the years, but not extensively enough to have a particular favorite.


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