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Horizon effect in vanilla (only)!

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Note: this effect currently works only in Chocolate Doom and Doom Legacy, as it relies on an obscure nodebuilder hack.




So how to make it? It's actually very simple.


1. change your nodebuilder to BSP.

(in DB2: press F6, select your configuration, click the "nodebuilder" tab and change the nodebuilder to BSP)




2. Make a square room or whatever, it can be of any complexity. The ceiling flat is preferably F_SKY1, but anything will do.




3. Now the cool part. Pick a horizon linedef, I think it should be 1-sided. Change its offsets to (180, 0), set its tag to 999.




4. Get psyched, run the map.


5. ???


6. H O R I Z O N !



Now you don't have to surround the playable area of your map with 15000 units to simulate the horizon! Yes! Yes! It's that cool!



Some peculiarities:

1. If the sector in front of the linedef is too tall, you will see a thin strip of its texture far in the distance (see the screenshot above). If you have a tall sky sector, make a thin sector on its edge with a height of 1 or so, then the strip will be unnoticeable.

2. The horizon linedef is still collidable, so it will block bullets/projectiles/players/everything.

3. You can do something similar with Boom's action 242, if you set the control sector's ceiling and floor to F_SKY1, IIRC. But this is obviously far better.


Once more:

Note: this effect currently works only in Chocolate Doom and Doom Legacy, as it relies on an obscure nodebuilder hack.

DOS Boom 2.02 renders this properly only from some angles. All other ports I've tried display just a wall.

I assume that some MBF enhancement breaks it. Kinda ironic, as it was (AFAIK) Lee Killough that added this effect to the BSP nodebuider!


Now, why does this work? Let's refer to the BSP webpage:




The 999 tag on a line makes the nodebuilder rotate the sidedef by the angle specified in the x offset. If the angle is 180, it will get flipped! As our line is 1-sided, there's nothing on the other side, so you get a cool flat bleeding effect!


Edited by bzzrak : one more screenshot

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This is also possible to with the upcoming ZokumBSP 1.0.10

We've added these 4 different new linedef specials:

Numeric Effect
1080    Rotate the rendered wall N degrees, where degrees is taken from tag.
1081    Set the wall rotation to a hardcoded degree, degree taken from tag.
1082    Rotate the rendered wall N BAMs, BAMs taken from tag.
1083    Set the wall rotation to a hardoced BAM, taken from tag.


A BAM is Binary Angle Measurement. In Doom these are unsigned 16 bit, so from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. This allows for maximum precision over the rotation.

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