Free Doom Legacy (Wad Proposal)

I don't know much about modding, although I hope to teach myself.  Would anyone be interested in working on a FreeDoom 2 compatible mod that takes all of the older, no longer used maps, enemy designs, weapons, decorations, etc from FreeDoom and FreeDoom 2 in order to create kind of a "Beta Recreation?"

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A lot of the old stuff is just unfinished stuff. You would have to clean them up yourself if you want something decent as the end result. 


Many maps are just crap, unplayable placeholders, while some are just not that great/fun.


The assets tends to be childish/soulless/ugly/inconsistent. Take a look at the the old IoS death sound, which was just a child making fake screams and choking noises.


But let's you do clean them up. Then what? You need a vision to make something cohesive and fun. Mashing them all together like all the Realm667 randomiser mods are just boring and filesize tend to be bloated.


Get a goal, then start building your mod.

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