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I don't know why this doesn't exist already...

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I don't know why this doesn't exist already, but it seems obvious by extension.  A proper "doomrpg" should be compiled by the community.


My idea is that it would be a bit like rage. I love rage. The base idea is to remake ultimate doom with continuous play, a large outside area to traverse from stage to stage, and add shops or a small town in each episode.  Nothing too crazy. Episode 1 is all manufacturing type stuff- mining and industry and yeah, the military base is nearby. Episode 2 is all refinement, high grade processing, experimental weapons, and maybe a bit half life inspired. Episode 3 really needs to stretch the imagination. Not just warrens, but confusing teleporter sequences, physics defying geometry, etc. Like hell. I mean there is real opportunity to visually tell a story. Like in system shock  when that ai reveals herself? That could be done in doom. Like for a boss fight.  Fear had some great visual story telling/ scares to go with it.


So basically, a few really talented guys work on this open area that connects all the stages of knee deep in the dead. The community goes to work remaking the stages, not unlike "in name only". Personally, it would be really cool for there to be an actual hangar in the stage hangar. Your starfighter jet could be made of fat ass engines, with wings folded up, and an open canopy to spawn in. No weird geometry shit.


But yeah, as you progress levels in doom its like "you are here". It would be a bit cooler with some freedom of exploration.  Caverns and caves and hideouts and hell artifacts and dig sites and obscure monoliths and devastated mining technology could litter the landscape. I really liked the "RPG lite" of rage. No leveling up.  Doom RPG, its sequel, and the Wolfenstein RPG were all a lot of fun. I don't think we need another knee deep in zdoom with cameras, slanted floors, and new weapons. No Doom 4 weapons or anything.


But it could come together with a lot of people putting in effort. And I think it would be a nice homage to id legacy.


So... In my mind... You start off next to your ship in a hangar. Like super freaking metroid. And maybe there is like a medical staff or pilot or someone to talk to(or not. Stores could just be electronic machines and everyone is dead). Pretty confined area. Though. Like how d3 starts. But then you walk right into the hangar stage, and the music is bumping. Visual fidelity and thematic nuance. A former human is in front of a computer station. The armor pickup is more like a control tower. And outside the window is a vista: flat barren rock for 30 yards, a high fence, and shortly thereafter a dropoff. All you see is the skyline beyond that, but maybe a crane and boxes and stuff. This place is a mining operation. Double door airlocks between inside and outside, like doom 3. The sewage room is smaller, and actually all the sewage is hidden indoors, but can be seen flowing outside. No imps, just former humans. The large computer room is more mazelike, with hidden zombie men and boxes and crates and computer stations and lockers- hell, even a restroom haunted by a shotgunner or pinky.  As the windows are small here, and the amount of cover so immense, flickering lights can start to appear- especially on that first key card. In the last room where an imp and some barrels are, it should be a chaingunna staring you down. Fitting the role as stage boss and leaving the reveal of imps for the hellish wastelands of mars outside. And so yeah, now when you leave the stage, its actually a double airlock. Beyond the airlock you are presented with the great outdoors. The river of sewage (from the crooked bridge room in hangar) cuts across the landscape and towards nuclear plant (and toxic refinery). Upon a plateau rests command control (and phobos lab beneath it). But these are visual ques or landmarks. If you run down the dusty ravine, central processing and computer station reside adjacent to one another. So some of these entrances lead to two or three stages. And once you fight through computer station, you get to the boss stage. And the twin portals should have a lot of computers connected to them, with rising and falling mainframe platforms (since the mainframe is all hellwired) to obstruct your path. And it would be cool to be underpowered in this fight against barons and imps, so maybe not a plethora of commandos in the episode. But the twin portals could be a bit more open and also teleport directly to one another, so telefragging might be possible, but not necessisary. Basically, the same level of polish found in "no rest for the living" applied to the original game. 


And yeah, use the doom 2 bestiary, but rethink the advancment of enemies. Cacodemons seem better suited for inferno. Revenants for shores of hell. Lost souls everywhere. Archviles and elementals as stage bosses, occasionally. And by stage boss, I just mean the introduction of new enemies needs to be thematically capitalized on.  A pit full of pinkies could be a "stage boss". Restrooms and pinkies seem to go together. Skull keys should be guarded by hell knights. Etc. In episode 2, arachnotrons should teleport in and out quickly, observing and haunting you. But in episode 3 arachnotrons should be a common enemy. In episode 2, revenants should be a regular loner threat, but in episode 3 they will be teamed up with zombie men and imps and chaingunnas. Arachnotrons and cacodemons pair together often. Etc.


I mean, we get imps and zombie men a lot, but the rest of the bestiary never really seemed to establish a connection with the episode or other enemies. But consider the boss fights- mastermind with Cacos. So pair arachnotrons and Caicos. Cycberdemon with lost souls- so pair lost souls with mancubi and revenants, because they are half cybernetic too. And by extension, pain elementals with revs and mancs and even cyberdemons. And then the hierarchy of demons needs to be pressed upon. Maybe you feel a hellknight over looking a group of arachnotrons would be cool- but its more thematically true to have a couple hell knights, Caicos, and demons with an arachnotron sitting above the fray, raining hot plasma on you. The spider demons are in charge. They are the smartest, and most fragile. The other demons protect them and stuff.


So, in 2016doom, in the foundry level, you get access to a few new guns and upgrades. Its a great level that is further elevated by the replayability in having options. That's how I feel the RPG way would go. Like, there won't be any rocket launcher or double barrel shotgun to pick up in episode 1, but you have basically an option to purchase one of these fine weapons from a store. Never mind the upgrades and crafting. But about half way through the episode, you have that option from the accumulation of kills or credits or whatever.


I guess an electronic store would be the easier route. Have a bunch of broke down military equipment in some hellthrashed convoy with blood rinsed sand that leads to some bone pit inhabitted by imps and pinkies. But a weapons store inside an APC or something is still active. And you can buy ammo, a couple guns, stimpacks and flack jackets. This might be easier to do than people, since it just requires a textured wall as opposed to a conversation piece, and its already in doom RPG. And you could have the store located in various occasions without needing much plot.


I dunno. I just started playing again the other day. No rest for the living has ana amazing visual story it tells. And ultimate does, too. I just feel like its aesthetic could be improved upon. Every time I start up deimos labs, I think to myself, why dont these textures look like half life 1? Its got all these crazy experiments going on, and I start off at the information center, but visually I have almost no sense of place. And that's not the hardest fix.


And I tried zdoom. Its got some cool stuff. But its a little overbearing. I don't mind having extra keys, rooms, and sequences. But its called hangar and I begin in the woods. To go through a door. And hit a switch. To get to the hangar remake. Oh cool a new rifleman. Sweet. Oh a gargoyle. That's lame. Oh sweet and invisible, strafing impclone. But all the rooms are light or dark, there are no flickering lights or cool lighting sequences. So all my fights with the invisible impclone are lame.  I sure hope they make pinkies cool. Nope, they just made 6 different kinds of pinkies. So yeah, the doom2.wad should be enough. No need for ducking and jumping. No need for iron sights or mouse look. Maybe some new textures are warranted, but it would be cool to be chocolate compatible.


Or maybe I'm just crazy.

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Its possible but very hard to do


Chubbzdoomer already show us that a Doom RTS Type of game can be done and so aswell a RPG


A few weeks i saw an Stream from Icaruslives which played a WAD That contained RPG Elements i can't remember the WAD'S Name though.

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